ANC Youth League acting president: ‘Share your wealth or we will take it by force’

Ronald Lamola
Ronald Lamola
Ronald Lamola

By Mike Smith

Let me introduce you to the ANCYL’s latest village idiot, the new Malema. His name is Ronald Lamola …and he is on the warpath.

Last night at the ANCYL meeting at the University of Cape Town, he said that the ANC should unapologetically pursue the changing of the constitution so that mines can be nationalized and white owned property expropriated.

He continued his rhetoric against “White monopoly capital” and said that it is in the interest of Whites to redistribute their prosperity…”

In a direct attack against the billionaire entrepreneurial family, the Ruperts, he added that, “…otherwise we cannot be held responsible if the farms of the Ruperts are invaded.”

He said that, “The ANCYL leaders will not abandon the struggle for economic freedom”. Economic freedom in Communist Newspeak means the day they have stolen everything from whites.

He said that: “White people who own land are holding the ANC government at ransom.”
He also said that: “Universities should be transformed to further the ANC agenda.”

What exactly that agenda is, he did not say.

He said that: “the only way blacks are going to become part of the economy is through the nationalization of the mines and the expropriation of white owned farms.”

He added that the ANCYL were always allowed to be “naughty”.

“We should be allowed to do things that adults normally won’t do”…

Die Burger report: Share your wealth or we will take it by force

Several things out of his speech struck me. First he admitted what we have always known and said right here on this blog, that the ANC has an “agenda”.

That agenda includes the economic dispossession of whites and driving them either into abject poverty or out of the country through the nationalization of mines and the stealing of white owned farms.

Apart from that, this idiot made himself guilty of the vilest hate speech against whites, threats of violence and theft of their property, intimidation and a declaration of war. Why is he still allowed to walk free? Should he not be in prison?

Nobody in the ANC condemned him, so I take it they approve of everything he said. Just like they always approved of everything Julias Malema said.

Like I said yesterday, nothing keeps blacks from taking part in the economy. In fact they have all the laws of BEE and AA on their side. After eighteen years there is nothing holding them back to start businesses and become prosperous.

But I suppose it is easier to sit on your arse and blame whites for all the evils of the ANC.

I have said it before and I will say it again. The ANC is spoiling for a race war. Almost daily they spew their hatred in the faces of White South Africans. Below are just a few examples of their hate speech and declarations of war against the whites of South Africa.

“When Mandela dies we will kill you whites like flies” – Mzukisi Gaba (ANC councilor and politician at the Provincial government of the Western Cape.)

“Kill the Boer – Kill the Farmer” – Peter Mokaba (Murdered ANC populist)

“Stealing from whites is not a crime” – Faraday Nkoane, Leader of the Uhuru culture club.

“I have beaten the Colonials – and I am going to beat the children of the children of the Colonials” – Julius Malema (ANC youth leader)

“Kill them- Kill the Amaburu” – song by the ANC and Mandela

“All whites are racists” – Dept. Minister Fikile Mbalula

“Whites will be threatened with a revolution by black people if the racial quotas are not met” – Jimmy Manji (Black management forum leader)

“We are here today to declare war. We are against violence, but if this is what it takes to force a bad farmer in a direction, then they should be smashed (moered) in that direction. If farmers continue to violate the rights of our workers like mad dogs then we need to beat them until they stop. They are going to shit if they do not stop.” – Tony Ehrenreich – Cosatu leader in the Western Cape.

“There is already blood on the farm workers and unless it stops there will be blood on the farmers of these farms. We will grab the land and give it to the rightful owners.” – Tony Ehrenreich – Cosatu leader in the Western Cape.