Land reform: why SA farmers are being murdered

by Dan Roodt

One of the biggest liberal myths in South Africa is that whites own 87% of the land. If you consider that 70% of the country consists of the Karoo desert, there is only 30% with any rainfall to speak of. Blacks have always owned at least half of that in the form of tribal lands where mostly subsistence farming is practised with land being administered according to the whims of the chief. You have his permission to plant or let your cattle graze, but it could be revoked anytime.

The government also owns huge tracts of land. Instead of developing that land, as well as the tribal lands, the government wants to punish white farmers for being successful!  As many analysts and economists have pointed out, they are actually using taxpayers’ funds to take land out of production and turn it into subsistence land as in the tribal areas. That is why our agricultural production has been declining, with food prices going up all the time.

The worst is: South African blacks are just not interested in agriculture. Most of them would prefer to have a city job, earn a big salary and spend it on branded consumer goods. But government sees the large number of white-owned farms as a political and strategic problem. It prevents them from pushing whites around at will and even expelling them if need be, as in Zimbabwe.

Another burning issue around land reform is that we have some foreign academics, real “tenured radicals” who have got posts at our universities – heaven knows how – and are now pushing a radical socialist agenda when it comes to land ownership. One such person is Dr. Ruth Hall of a group called PLAAS (Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies).

More than 4 000 white farmers and their family members have been killed, with many tortured to death in dehumanising, atrocious ways. They are made to drink boiling water, burned with hot irons or simply hacked to pieces with their corpses displayed afterwards in ways that remind one of Satanic rituals.

Personally, I think the vicious attacks on Afrikaner farmers stem from three things: recent history, African culture and radical left-wing ideology.

During the ANC’s terror campaign in the 1980s, they not only placed bombs in diners and supermarkets, but they also buried limpet mines on farm roads, blowing up white families, as well as black farm workers. So this culture of terrorist violence has taken root and still continues by other means.

A game farm in South Africa

The second factor is not politically correct to mention, but it needs to be said that in traditional African culture there is a fascination with the power of horror and violence. A few hundred people are still murdered every year for body parts to be used in so-called muti or “medicine”. So mix terrorism with horror and you are on your way to unstoppable violence.

The third ingredient is left-wing ideology or what Americans call “liberalism” which amounts to the same thing. There is a whole industry in South Africa, but mostly funded from abroad by Scandinavian governments and American liberal foundations, which advocates radical land reform and Soviet-style collectivist agriculture in our country. To them private property means next to nothing and they indirectly encourage some of these Einsatzgruppen to just go out and kill white farmers indiscriminately. They are dreaming of a brave new world without family-owned or privately-held farms and the murders suit them.

Land reform and the propaganda around it are fuelling ethnic conflict in South Africa which few outsiders are prepared to acknowledge, except the organisation Genocide Watch which looks at it more analytically in terms of other identity conflicts world-wide.

There definitely is a risk of full-scale genocide in South Africa, although for the moment the organisation for that is largely lacking. At present it is more of a random process, driven by the three factors mentioned above.

It is also important to understand that whites and blacks do not naturally hate each other. The current conflict is being driven by outsiders – Europeans, Americans and perhaps even Mugabe who has accused Mandela of being “soft on whites” – who will gain through a collapse of South African agriculture. They will be able to buy land, machinery and other agricultural assets on the cheap and so extend the neo-colonial hold that they have on our country already.

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  • Judith Taylor

    You are incorrect about our black people being lazy – we have many successful organic small farmers. You are correct about the tribal lands. We have to rfemove emotions out of the argument and engage with the facts

    • I did not say they were lazy, just that they did not show much interest in farming and would prefer city jobs.

      Most estimates put the percentage of failed land reform projects at 90%.

  • ryno

    All this is facts but how wil we solve the problem when all white farms are gone or when all whites dead after the farms whats next businesses of whites then there houses cars they already taking the jobs cause of colour and loveley word of racism only belongs to whites government say no more jobs m

    s they not racist so yes i will never under stand

    • Fulufhelo

      Can you please point to a single initiative taken by white farmers or their associations which is meant to develop and support the emergence of black farmers? I’m afraid this you say may be prophesy. I hope before it is too late white farmers and their endowed organisations could approach government and world bank and put together a successful land restitution project as well as help eatable a breed of new black farmers in the name of social justice. May God have mercy on our souls should continue to play these delay games.

      • oldergeneration

        You advocate mass murdr and sppeak of God? Wth!

      • Willem De Jager

        If your view is shared by a significant proportion of the black population in South Africa then I have just wasted half of my life holding my breath for the day that black people would seize the opportunities afforded to them by the New South Africa.

        After twenty years you are still waiting for white farmers (and whites in general) to hand it to you on a plate? Do you think some super race developed Europe and then handed it to Europeans on their demand?

        It seems as though you want to be in control of government but still want the white man to run things on your behalf; like when the Apartheid regime built schools and clinics and dams in the rural bantustans. I am dumbfounded by this realisation and at my naivete of giving black South Africans the benefit of the doubt all these years.

        A massive obstacle in your personal road to freedom it seems, is the misconception that being white guarantees privilege. Reality check: Whites have to pay their mortgages too. White kids have to study hard if they want to improve their chances of success in life. Whites also have to work at finding and keeping a job to make ends meet, despite BBE because Fulufhelo, most whites don’t actually own farms and most whites aren’t connected to the mineral sector. We work.

        Boss and beggar at once. Have you no self respect?

      • Oupa’s Attic Antiques

        Then why Fulufhelo would white farmers want to take initiative to develop black farmers? Do they owe you something? Maybe they are just too busy farming that they simply do not have the time for nonsense. Why do blacks always think that whites owe them something? Show some Initiative and develop yourself, you have milions of ANC organisations helping you with this. But still, it will be the white man’s fault if you fail….. And you will.

  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    When a crime occurs,somebody always profits or derives some form of gain.
    Who stands to profit the most by white/boer/afrikaner farm murders in S.A ?

    These are the questions which should be put to the Government, by local groups as well as the international community.

    Across africa,many african fraudsters,murderers and tyrants have and are currently in the hague facing charges.

    Quite clearly their investigative department is currently engaged and we are in file 13.

  • Ros

    In what way are the Scandinavian governments promoting the demise of the white farmer considering there is private ownership of farms in these countries. These countries may have a socialist system but nothing close to a Communist system. I live in Scandinavia I should know. I think your article is rather biased towards the USA and the Europeans. The Europeans have bigger problems here to worry about and having to feed South Africa when the farms fail is not on the local population’s agenda. They no longer have the amounts of money they had previously and most Scandinavians are very informed people and are aware of what happened in Zimbabwe. I would like you to supply some concrete information that this is happening and not just hearsay.

    • I mentioned the existence of the radical, left-wing neo-Marxist or cultural-Marxist group PLAAS. This is information is a bit dated but in 2005 they had received $500 000 from the Ford Foundation. Underneath I am pasting a quote from their report.

      What you must understand is that all of these institutions, foundations, universities and foreign governments are engaged in a concerted effort to ethnically cleanse the Afrikaner farmer from his land in South Africa and replace it with some socialist, collectivized alternative! They call it by the euphemism of: “social, economic and political transformation”.
      You can download this report here:

      Here is the quote about their funding (note also that they have a “close working relationship with the University of Zimbabwe):

      “Most income has been in the form of grants from international organisations. Key donors have been the Ford Foundation, Liberty Life Foundation, the International Development Research Centre of Canada, the Swiss Agency for Development Co-operation, the Foundation for Human Rights (with funds from the European Union), the Norwegian government, and the Department for International Development of the United Kingdom. Smaller grants have been received from the European Union, the Land Bank, the Human Sciences Research Council, the German Development Agency (GTZ), the Department of Trade and Industry, the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism (Directorate of Marine and Coastal Management), and the World Fish Centre of Denmark.

      Training courses have also brought in funds. These have been commissioned by a range of clients, including the Department of Land Affairs, Danish Co-operation for Environment and Development, the National Land Committee of South Africa, the Environment and Development Agency, Women on Farms, and the Southern African office of the World Conservation Union (IUCN).

      Significant funds have also been sourced through collaborative partnerships with other research institutions.

      Longstanding international partners include the Environment Group at the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex, the Institute for Development Policy and Management (IDPM) and the Chronic Poverty Research Centre of the University of Manchester, the College of Fisheries Science at the University of Tromsø, the Centre for Environment and Development Studies (Noragric) at the Norwegian

      University of the Life Sciences, the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights at the University of Oslo, and the Institute for Fisheries Management & Coastal Community Development (IFM) of Denmark.

      A close and long established relationship continues with the Natural Resources Group of the Centre for Development Co-operation Services (CDCS) at the Vrije Universiteit in the Netherlands. Dr Stephen Turner of CDCS was seconded to PLAAS for four years (1997-2001) and continues to collaborate with PLAAS in a variety of ways.

      Other important collaborations have occurred with the Land Tenure Center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Overseas Development Institute of London, the International Institute for Environment and Development in London, the University of Bergen and the Chr. Michelsen Institute (both of Norway), the University of Cork in Ireland, the University of Köln in Germany, the African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) of Kenya, Community Conservation and Development Initiatives (CCDI) in Nigeria, and the Social Research Centre at the American University of Cairo, Egypt. A partnership has recently been established with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).

      Within the region, a longstanding and close working relationship is maintained with the Centre for Applied Social Sciences (CASS) at the University of Zimbabwe, principally through joint management of a regional networking and research programme in community based natural resource management. Other regional partners include the regional office of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) in Zimbabwe and its office in Mozambique.”

      • Boerseun.Z.A.R


  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    The E.U and American farming community are the only other nations who stand to benefit by a defunct farming community in south africa,there is nobody else farming on a commercial basis ,who could feed south africa.

    As for U.S.A,(Worlds Oil Police & Human Rights Protector),I dont see them taking any action over our farm genocide and general crime in south africa.

    Sometimes its not what can be “proved”, but rather what can be deduced.

  • Oompaul

    “Personally, I think the vicious attacks on Afrikaner farmers stem from
    three things: recent history, African culture and radical left-wing

    I’d say, four things – the three you mentioned and that which cannot be said

    • Boerseun.Z.A.R

      recent history …?
      this goes way back….

      This thing goes back to the Jameson Raid.

  • asah

    the attack on afrikaner farmers is coming from the fact that , they are still one of the most racist groups in south africa, a lot of them still indirectly killing blakc people, 2 they have obtained a lot of weath , controlling all the mineral sector, this is just an unprising to the system.

    • Boerseun.Z.A.R

      Where do farmers control the mineral sector of s.a?
      Yes, I know Anglo american employ a few afrikaners to give comment on their crumbling s.a empire,but this is far from owning or controlling the mineral sector.

      Anybody whites included who works for international money powers ,I do not count as one of my friends in s.a

    • We are not racist; racism is directed at us. Also, the mineral wealth of this country has always been controlled by foreigners, mainly based in London. That is what the Anglo-Boer war was about – to control the minerals of South Africa.

      This is no spontaneous uprising: it has been prepared and propagated for years, for as long as we remain in the country, SA has some sovereignty left and cannot be treated as “just another colony”.

    • jlr40

      Oh please , go and talk your crap on a another blog. Really, we are 20 years into our democracy and you still blame whites for your non-performance. Why are you not looking at the party you voted for , maybe the problem lies there, or just look into yourself..

  • Estie Dempers

    if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray
    and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven
    and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

    • Boerseun.Z.A.R

      This has become in my view, a fight between Yahwehs children.
      The british & americans have forgotten Yahweh because of Greed, Immorality & Satan.

  • cjm

    Good article, Dr Roodt.

  • liuhbuktvytcryt

    Raise awareness of South African farm murders by brutal torture t

  • liuhbuktvytcryt

    Dear Dr Roodt,

    Raise awareness of South African farm murders by brutal torture,, thanks you for all your hard work. We use your articles regularly on our page in order to build our case.

    I hope to meet you one day, it would be the greatest honour!

    Raise Awareness

  • Fulufhelo

    Wow..I’m shocked to read such level of deception and fabrication by Dr Roodt. This is a highly biased article and I wonder to whom is Roodt selling such fabrication and to what end. For starters: when u defend a socially highly unjust system or reality because it favors your race it immediately makes you a racist. I therefore urge Dr Roodt to read the Mail and Guardian 6 September page 7 to verify facts about South African land ownership and dispute them on the basic of his own empirical findings. And please people do not congratulate him because he says things that tickles your fancy or makes you feel good; read, verify and be armed to dispute lazy thinking that is projected in these pages. While I pay added attention to Dan Roodt assertion that major wealth of the nation is in hands of foreigners I still feel obliged to state that such owner are still white. It is therefore a racist problem of white wealth ownership versus black poverty. And we assume therefore that it is blacks who are killing the white farmers…an assumption that I would support. Why would black people kill white farmers I ask? A quick ignorant respond is that blacks just hate white people, they are jealous, they want land which they can’t even use productively. I read a lot of these type comments daily. REALLy…ohh REALLy? And why can’t the white man just give this land away and prove the point that blacks are useless and can’t use this land productively than hang on to it with all the possible dangers associated? It is because the white man knows how precious land is. The Land Act would not have been crafted if land was a none issue.

    • jlr40

      well Fulufhelo, so why are blacks killing the farmers in your opinion?? I know,It is just hate crimes,nothing else. They think by killing the farmers they are going to own the land as well, which will not happen!!!Secondly they will not know what to do with the land except erect a few shacks.

    • Gas

      You are just a stupid dupe. Blacks own most of the land in SA already. That’s why foreigners target whites, because targeting blacks is not a pc thing to do. BTW stop eating you moron, cause the food are produced by whites. If you like black farmers, why not move to Zim where the shops are brimming with produce after a succesful land reform programme?

    • Oupa’s Attic Antiques

      It has already been proven that black farmers cannot produce! How many prized farms are now in ruins? Read fool, read!

  • jlr40

    Thanks for all your hard work and bringing facts to the table. The “white” propaganda that is fed to the poorest of the poor people in SA by politicians with ulterior motives are scary at times…

  • Hennie van Heerden

    Your closing argument is spot on. Simply the works of the New World Order.