Namibian PM wants to close down ‘racist outposts’ after interracial brawl

Dr. Hage Geingob, prime minister of Namibia (ex-South West Africa)

Windhoek — The days are numbered for Buffalo’s bar in Gobabis, the latest flashpoint in an alleged racist attack, warned Prime Minister Dr Hage Geingob.

He said “undesirable establishments like Buffalo’s bar and similar places which are scattered all over the country,” should be closed down for being racist outposts. Geingob made the remarks on Tuesday in the National Assembly when he launched a strong denunciation of the alleged act of racism in which Levi Katire was allegedly assaulted by Nico Kotze and Frederick ‘Boeta’ du Plessis who now face charges of assault and racial discrimination.

“The heinous actions of a group of racist criminals in the town of Gobabis took the entire nation back to a dark past from which we have all so dearly wanted to emerge. It seems there are some people living within our borders who are intent on continuing the sinister legacy of racial discrimination and brutal violence of the past,” said the Prime Minister who joined the growing chorus of voices condemning the barbaric attack.

Geingob went on to say the two suspects are amongst a large number of “so-called Namibian citizens” who look upon the country’s policy of national reconciliation as a “policy of weakness”. The policy of national reconciliation was adopted to heal a nation, which was emerging from a dark history of racial discrimination, and to mitigate acts of revenge following the attainment of independence, Geingob said.

He condemned in the strongest terms the attack on Katire and promised that no stone would be left unturned until “we uproot and expose each and every one of these racist elements, who participated in this act of barbarism.” According to Geingob there are people who still think they can establish “pseudo republics and homelands” on the territory of an independent Namibia that courageously fought and triumphed over a discriminatory system.

He said it is high time that the government awakens racially intolerant individuals from “their absurd dreams and remind them that the apartheid republic is now nothing but a relic of psychosis”. He further warned that Namibia is a free and sovereign state and any individual who cannot comprehend that after 23 years should do him or herself a favour to “pack and go”.

“If you cannot pack yourself fast enough we will assist you. Make no mistake. The days are numbered for undesirable establishments like Buffalo’s bar and similar places which are scattered all over the country.”

He said so-called private establishments should be outlawed in public areas and implored the Attorney-General to find ways of closing down such places and to conduct a thorough investigation into the Gobabis incident.

“We need to identify the nationality of these perpetrators and if they are not Namibians, they should be shipped off immediately. I am aware that there is a criminal investigation which is ongoing, but we must ensure that a place such as Buffalo’s bar is permanently shut down,” he urged the Attorney-General.

The two men were denied bail on Friday in the Gobabis Magistrate’s Court and their quest to secure bail resumed on Wednesday and continues today. – New Era