‘All the animals, even fish vote ANC’

Ngoako Ramatlhodi
Ngoako Ramatlhodi

Given a chance, fish and animals from the Kruger National Park would vote for the ANC.

The ANC enjoys mass support – even among animals – more than all opposition parties combined, according to the ANC’s national head of elections, Ngoako Ramatlhodi.


Addressing a rally in Polokwane on Sunday, Ramatlhodi – who is also deputy minister of correctional services – took a swipe at the DA, Cope and Agang SA, likening them to “a three-headed serpent”.


In reference to Julius Malema’s mooted political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters, the former Limpopo premier said the “stillborn” party would die a natural death like Cope had.


He implied that the DA was the home of apartheid government remnants. “In a sense we are managing a white man’s economy on behalf of white men who ran the economy under apartheid, but they have changed in form, not in politics.”


Ramatlhodi referred to this arrangement as “the system” that had become arrogant and confident after the ANC wrested power in 1994.


“And we see elements of that confidence played out by organisations such as the DA, claiming our history, expropriating our symbols, claiming to own our heroes, even our own Nelson Mandela,” said Ramatlhodi.



“Even the fish, I am told when the time comes, they vote for the ANC from the sea. If animals at Kruger National were allowed to vote, they would be voting the ANC,” he said.- IOL

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  • Melt Olckers

    Similar to what the Kim dynasty in North Korea says: When a cow is slaughtered he looks with thanks in his eyes to Kim Jong Ill’s palace.

  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    He’s right,anybody is free to challenge them and nobody has come to the fore.

  • Rooikop

    Do they “cook” the polls by that much to include animals and fish?

  • Bantu_Education

    “all the animals” indeed, but no humans..!