Snowden: ‘Ecuador an example to the world’

Edward Snowden, shortly after his arrival in Moscow
Edward Snowden, shortly after his arrival in Moscow

Fugitive intelligence analyst Edward Snowden has thanked Ecuador for its support in his bid to avoid extradition to the US, saying the country was an “example to the world” in a letter publicised on Monday.

“There are few world leaders who would risk standing for the human rights of an individual against the most powerful government on earth, and the bravery of Ecuador and its people is an example to the world,” he told President Rafael Correa in a letter obtained by Britain’s Press Association.

Snowden singled out Fidel Narvaez, the Ecuadorian consul in London, for guaranteeing his protection upon fleeing Hong Kong eight days ago.

“I could never have risked travel without that,” said the letter, which was written in Spanish.

“Now, as a result, and through the continued support of your government, I remain free and able to publish information that serves the public interest.” – AFP