Liberalism is the real cause of witchcraft murders in South Africa

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Apparently Barack Obama has signed an executive order authorising $10 million to be spent on stopping the poaching of wildlife in Africa, including rhinoceri that are being decimated at an alarming rate.

But, as the bumper sticker forlornly states: “Forget the rhino, save the white ou (guy).” Obama or any of his liberal entourage in America would never donate funds to stop the horrific farm murders taking place in South Africa. Because, as we know, the life of a white person is worth far less to a liberal than that of an animal. Especially a wild animal.

The liberal media in South Africa – the MSM as they are called – hardly ever record farm murders or other killings of whites. However, the Afrikaans dailies Beeld and Volksblad have some court reporters that normally expose us to the truly blood-curdling horrors of our liberal utopia. Just last week Beeld reported on a Witchdoctor who cooked farmer’s testicles declared a mental patient.

Normally South African liberals do not read much Afrikaans. In fact they have utter contempt for Afrikaans as a “parochial and tribal white language”. But this story was relayed via the newswire Sapa and so appeared on the radar screen of BDLive’s columnist, Gareth van Onselen. He relates the details of this muti (medicine) murder and then launches into a plea for balancing the constitutiion with “the more horrendous aspects of cultural belief”. After which he comes to the thunderous conclusion:

“In many respects, that is the fundamental challenge facing South Africa.”

Within the clichés of liberal discourse, there is always “one more challenge facing South Africa” before we taste the sweet fruits of paradise. In many small towns it is a challenge just to keep municipal services going and to supply potable water to the inhabitants, something which the previous, so-called “apartheid system” managed with surprising ease. But then in those days the services of town planners and engineers were not considered superfluous instances of racist employment practices. It was also before municipal government managed to evolve into permanent conferences and planning sessions held in luxury hotels where the hapless local taxpayer’s money gets spent by VIPs transported in luxury automobiles, living it up with an enviable air of insouciance.

I judged Van Onselen by his cover, or rather his Twitter profile where he describes himself as a “liberal” and a “humanist”. He sounded like the hordes of sub-intelligent sheeple churned out by the ANC’s universities where conforming to a mixture of petty hatred and PC dogma is usually enough to earn a postgraduate qualification in the social sciences. Or journalism, for that matter.

Van Onselen has really been elevated a few millimetres in my esteem. For there exists a tremendous taboo on just mentioning the race or ethnic background of any murderer in South Africa, let alone tying it to “cultural belief”. He has transgressed that taboo and cited some statistics from parliament to prove that muti murders are on the rise in South Africa. From 1994 to 2004 such murder cases increased by almost 6 000 percent!

However, before we rush to applaud a self-confessed liberal like Gareth van Onselen for showing an insight that most of us had already acquired on our tenth birthday, it would not be amiss to ask why these murders are indeed in the ascendant.

It is easy to blame “cultural belief”, more precisely tradtional African culture, as Van Onselen does. If I were a hypocritical, imbecilic liberal, I would immediately have let loose the pack dogs of the Inquisition myself and accused him of “racism”. All contemporary liberal thinking – as opposed to the forgotten nineteenth-century creed of tolerance going by that name – is predicated upon “racism”. Being a liberal is tantamount to having an obsessive disorder of which the most recognisable symptom is frequent shrieks of “racist!” of “burn him at the stake, pronto!”

In fact, formally, there is absolutely no difference between an African-style “witch-hunt”, which Van Onselen seems to be opposed to, and liberalism. Astonishingly, Van Onselen cites a piece of “apartheid legislation”, seemingly approvingly:

“…we do have longstanding witchcraft legislation in the country. The Witchcraft Suppression Act of 1957 makes it illegal for anyone to identify another person as a witch (as this inevitably leads to death or torture) or to instigate what is a called a ‘witch-sniffing ceremony’ (in which someone is called into a community to identify a witch).”

I myself was subjected to a liberal witch-hunt in 2005 upon being invited to be interviewed on my Afrikaans novel Moltrein at the arts festival known as the Woordfees in Stellenbosch. At least 15 professors and lecturers of Stellenbosch University, including the head of the English department (a left-liberal feminist) and journalist Max du Preez, subequently threatened me with banishment and even violence as they were going to get gangsters from surrounding black and Coloured areas to come and attack me. My crime was that I had precisely done what I am doing here, inquiring into the causes of South Africa’s sadistic violence, of which we see examples every day. I was declared a dissident, or a witch, which to anyone with even a smattering of anthropological knowlede, amounts to the same thing. Therefore I was hunted by sundry academics, journalists and self-styled guardians of good morals, foaming at the mouth, pointing shivering fingers at me as a “danger to society”.

As we can see from the statistics cited in parliament, witchcraft was under control under the previous government. I do not want to enter into another controversy on so-called apartheid, but the Afrikaner governments of the past practised sound epistemological principles in keeping the paradigms separate. Western science was one thing, or one set of beliefs, and traditional healing or witchcraft, invoking the ancestors and related practices, were another.

Along came liberalism and decreed, not only that “we are all the same”, but also: “all beliefs are the same”. South African liberalism is fundamentally irrational in not recognising differences between conceptual systems such as Western science and various tribal forms of witchcraft.

Liberalism is also anti-science. It fears science or any form of neutral, objective enquiry. Its obsessive principle, “racism”, is a kind of law of the universe against which everything must be measured. It follows that any attempt to regulate witchcraft or temper its more odious and murderous aspects, could equally be construed as “racism”.

Prior to the reign of liberalism, African culture never posed a problem to us in South Africa. I daresay we used to celebrate it as the healthy expression of the identity and age-old customs of the various peoples that inhabit this land. The study of African languages, as well as traditional dancing and so on, were encouraged. However, in 1970 the liberal English Academy of South Africa started agitating against African languages, in favour of English and an anglicisation policy.  As we know all too well, in 1976 blacks rioted against, not only Afrikaans, but also against being taught in their own languages!

Without going into all the complexities of tribal culture in South Africa and without denying that this kind of murderous, sadistic witchcraft exist traditionally, the real cause of the explosion of muti murders, farm murders and general mayhem must be laid at the door of liberalism. In their quest for hegemony and domination, South African liberals have literally awakened all the demons. In vilifying Afrikaner, Western and white culture as “fascist, oppressive and racist”, and by putting “traditional healing” and Western medical science on the same footing, they have given the so-called sangomas immense power and prestige.

The anti-white propaganda and hatred sown by the liberals have also bolstered the dark side of black culture. Hence the macabre, occult murder rituals and cannibalism that are so much in resurgence at present.

While people in Europe complain about Islamic fundamentalism that represents a threat to them, including terrorist incidents, we must remember that South African liberals have always condoned and even encouraged terrorism against us. The liberal understands the “powers of horror” as well as the muti murderer. Engaging in witch-hunts is also second nature to him.

The combination of a fundamentalist political ideology, liberalism, and a set of occult beliefs espoused by the more radical sangomas, is a dangerous cocktail that is not just a “challenge” to South Africa. It threatens to further erode the very foundations of civilised society in our country.

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  • Guest

    Outstanding piece!

  • Albert Brenner

    Good prose, Dr Roodt.

    The Inquisition has never left; it has only morphed. Now it enforces the Gospel of Equality with the same methods and fevour that made the Dark Ages so infamous.

    But resistance to this new religion is growing; its (dialectical) opposite is finding Gestalt in every Western country.

    An intelectual counter-revolution is brewing – a socio-cultural `Western Spring`. And the backlash will find many liberal white South Africans on the wrong side of History soon.

  • Boerseun.Z.A.R

    English Liberals are the greatest closet racists in africa.
    Religion was used to evangelize and tame the locals to be more like them,then english education….The blacks in africa might be politically free but are mentally enslaved.

    • White Reactionary

      Dr William Pierce sums up my thoughts on Christianity.

      • Boerseun.Z.A.R

        Good points.
        * “European awakening”/You Tube”-
        Have you watched this?

        • White Reactionary

          Is that a video by David Duke? If so, yes i have.

          Have you seen this video by Jonathan Bowden?

          • Boerseun.Z.A.R

            Oh yes.

  • damonleff

    Dan Roodt is so eager to paint his perceptions of “liberalism” as informed opinion, he completely ignores the very real human rights abuses which follow accusations of witchcraft in this country.
    The Facts –

    BTW Dan, your statement “Western science was one thing, or one set of beliefs, and traditional healing or witchcraft, invoking the ancestors and related practices, were another” does exactly what you accuse others of doing, namely “not recognising differences”. Traditional healing is not ‘witchcraft’! Traditional healers do not self-identify as Witches, and do not refer to what they do as Witchcraft!

    • Guest

      Thanks for the clarification Damon! I hope you visit the “healer” soon for your black heart transplant

      • ChristopherBlackwell

        Libel and slander show you have nothing serious to offer, just name calling.

  • ChristopherBlackwell

    It is not liberals that keep the witch hunts going. It is not liberal religious leaders that are making money off of alleged curing of witches. It is not liberals that accuse innocent people of witch craft, nor torments them, tortures them, and kills them, nor robs their houses and then set fire to hide their theft. No it is the conservative that eggs this one, including some of the healers who profit off it as well. No ironically it is the conservatives who seem to push this and profit either in money r in gaining power through it. The same goes for the pushing fear in of Satanism in crimes when nothing like that is involved . And the media is far more willing to push it to to increast their sales and profits.