‘We won’t kill whites, just take their land without compensation’ – Julius Malema

According to the Daily Maverick, a Johannesburg website, expelled ANC Youth leader Julius Malema is still campaigning hard in his home province of Limpopo.

Greg Nicolson writes that Malema gave whites a lashing over their continued ownership of farmland. “We don’t owe them fuck,” Malema added, assumingly referring to expropriating land from white people without compensation. “We don’t want to kill you… not because we are scared (but) because we like peace.”

After the delegates at the ANC’s national policy conference returned to their respective provinces, Mondli Makhanya, editor-in-chief at Avusa, noted a change in the president Jacob Zuma’s demeanor.

“Defeat in the second transition debate was no small loss for the president. It was a very clear indicator of his precarious hold on power. That is why the president is mimicking Julius Malema and trying to occupy the militant space that the former youth league leader once occupied,” wrote Makhanya.

“And the more unsure he becomes of his sway in the ANC, the more populist he will sound. Julius Malema will have returned. Older, but not wiser.”

Zuma’s legacy is corruption and immoral leadership that lacks personal respect, said Malema last night. He called on the crowded hall to “save the ANC” from the “crisis” that would engulf the party if Zuma led until 2019.

Under Zuma the ANC will take less than 50% of the vote in 2014, said Malema. He referred to Zuma’s dictum that the ANC “would rule until Jesus came”, while the Democratic Alliance already governs the Western Cape. “This is an example of misleading leadership,” he said.

He gave the president a lesson in populist rhetoric. “You will never know what land is until you own it… There are no rich people without land. Land is everything. Land is the purpose the ANC was formed. It wasn’t for VIPs,” proclaimed Juju.

Malema was riding on the confidence that followed last week’s conference. Zuma was dealt a psychological blow when the title of the second transition document was rejected, supporters sung for Kgalema Motlanthe and ANC delegates reportedly came to blows over nationalisation.

But the expelled youth league radical didn’t stop at leadership or policy issues. He engaged in a personal tirade against Zuma and ANC spokesman Jackson Mthembu.

Malema asked what right Zuma had to discipline the Youth League while it’s public knowledge that the president slept with a friend’s daughter. He suggested that when Zuma looked at the children of his friends, he didn’t see children, but different opportunities.

In front of the enthusiastic crowd, he said Zuma’s second transition document was rejected at the policy conference, but that he wouldn’t know, because he’s always sleeping.

Malema also launched an attack on Jackson Mthembu, the ANC’s spokesman. He referred to him as a drunk and his son as a drug addict. Mthembu has publicly spoken about his son’s addiction.

Why does Malema still get so much publicity if he is no longer a member of the ruling party?  “So Julius had views, how did they get in the paper? Whether he is relevant or not, it appears the media decided that they want to make him relevant,” said political analyst Ebrahim Fakir on Tuesday.

Greg Nicolson of Daily Maverick is of the opinion that last night’s speech was “Julius… unchained. By expelling the ANCYL leader the party let him loose, took away any control it had over him. If he were suspended he would need to toe the line for five years. But his only hope of returning to the party is through helping to topple Zuma and hoping for a reprieve post-Mangaung.”

Manguang, outside Bloemfontein, will host the party’s major conference in December this year, with the leadership struggle heating up in the run-up to it.