Half-burnt body of baby found

rubbishbagTwo friends discovered the half-burnt body of a newborn baby in Mamelodi East Section 13.

Two friends saw a woman trying to burn a plastic bag at an illegal dumping site but ignored her, only to make a gruesome discovery later.

When they went to investigate what the woman was trying to destroy, the duo discovered the half-burnt body of a newborn baby in Mamelodi East Section 13.

 The gruesome finding by the two was made close to Balebogeng Primary School last Friday afternoon.

Koos Mohlamonyane, who discovered the body of the newborn, said he was looking for a 2l bottle at the illegal dumping site to assist a motorist who had run out of petrol when he found the body.

While searching at the dump he opened a black plastic bag and saw a head and initially thought it was that of a doll.

“But then I saw blood and alerted members of the community who confirmed that it was indeed a human baby,” said Mohlamonyane.

The horrific sight left many women in tears and disbelieve – who said that they were going to look for the perpetrator. Many of them said she could have placed the baby up for adoption and did not have to resort to such violence, burning God’s creation, if she didn’t want the child.

Mohlamonyane said that the person who did this must pay for her terrible crime.

“Before finding the body, I saw a short woman with short hair carrying the black plastic bag to the dumping area.” He recalled that she was wearing white trousers, a blue T-shirt and red shoes.

The woman stayed there for about five minutes trying to burn the bag, but eventually left because the flames kept going out.

However, he did not see in which direction she had disappeared to.

Community member Emily Khoza said she was deeply disappointed that a mother could do that to her own child.

“The woman who did this should get arrested and they must throw away the key. She should have handed the baby to the social workers. God is watching her and knows what she did,” Khoza said. – looklocal.co.za

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  • Marinda Hibbers Pretorius

    This is the type of barbarism we have to live with, I see so called humans, but absolutely no humanity…if you can`t even love and protect your own blood, how the hell can we survive through this ungodly country