Is Mandela God?


by Albert Brenner

It is always so amusing to witness mere mortals turning another mortal into a god. The MSM is ablaze, in awe prostrated… rapturously conveying the frenzied idolization, the unfolding living-liturgy and imminent deification of a mortal called Mandela.“He is alive in us!““He is the paragon of Love and Grace!““We must all be a Mandela“.

“He died in Robben Island but was resurrected to make the Miracle of the Rainbow Nation come true“.

Holy moly!

Mandela`s inevitable communion with the Choir Eternal is being heralded in with such bellicose abandonment that one already dreads the brewing stupefaction set to follow in its wake, 2000 years from now.

Did He really walk on water, all the way from Robben Island to Tuin Huis? Did He really ascend to the top of Mount Table to write the Holy Constitution Script and perform the We-Are-Oneness Miracle upon His return? Did He really take one million fish and divide them into 16 million portions equal in size to the original million? Did He really soar smilingly undead into the Heavens in a silver gull-wing Mercedes SLK drawn by four golden Qunu goats?

That is was a boat, Realpolitik, social welfare grants and a hearse will be irrelevant then. For the peddling of Guilt has always been the most profitable profession in History. Money certainly makes the moral world go round.

Just, for example, ask Charlemagne – whose Economic Empowerment of the Franks through the `Christianizing` subjugation of the Saxons, made him and his cronies incredibly rich and famous. All in the name of the Catholic Pope…just like Zuma, Sexwale, Ramaphosa and ilk do in the `Secular-Humanizing` name of Mandela.

Or the Mandela daughters, with their fake hair, clothing range, wine brand and `Being Mandela` reality show in America. Or instant-billionnaire Al Gore, with his dystopian anthropogenic Global Warming nonsense.

It is all so darn easy. All you have to do is clothe the ever-recurring memes sustaining religiosity in the moral garments of the new Religion… and then flaunt them shamelessly, like a drag queen at a Gay Pride parade.

In our Zeitgeist, Human Rights have become the new 10 Commandments, Apartheid the new Original Sin, the (CO2-free) Rainbow Nation the new Heaven, `racism` the new heresy, political-incorrectness the new blasphemy, the South African Human Rights Council (SAHRC) the new Inquisition Tribunal and the heterosexual Afrikaner male the new Devil.

As Nietzsche said, nothing changes, except change itself. But then, who can blame the perennially weak of mind? The Sleep of Reason calls forth monsters. And who better to protect them against that Monster they dread the most, their own mortality, than a man of flesh…who became God.