Hani family feud heats up too

Chris Hani
Chris Hani

Lindiwe Hani has came out in support of her mother, Limpho, as the fight for Chris Hani’s legacy escalates.

This follows an article by our sister publication, Sowetan this week, in which Vanessa Hani accused the ANC of betraying her father’s legacy and said this was the reason she was ditching it to join Mamphela Ramphele’s new party Agang SA.

Lindiwe lashed out at Vanessa in a Twitter campaign, saying she was not a Hani.

“I do not have a sister called Vanessa Hani. Vanessa is not a member of our family. I have only heard of her via the media like the rest of SAans (South Africans),” Lindiwe tweeted.

Responding to one of her followers who urged her not to disown Vanessa, she tweeted: “One has to be owned in order to [be] disowned. We do not know her.”

Apparently implying that Vanessa should take a DNA test, Lindiwe wrote: “Only one way to be sure.”

Vanessa refused to comment.

In a dramatic twist, Hani’s widow, Limpho, called Talk Radio 702 disputing Vanessa’s claims that she was the struggle hero’s daughter and challenged her to take a paternity test. Limpho said Vanessa and her sister Cleopatra were using her late husband’s name for “monetary gain” on Redi Tlhabi’s show on Friday.

She said she only got to know about Vanessa and other “kids who came from nowhere to claim Hani’s surname” from the media.

“I think they are taking it too far. Doing stupid things in my husband’s name, saying they are dumping the ANC. Who are they?

“You know Redi, as a married woman, how it would feel if a child, after years and years of marriage, came out to say they were Brian’s child..?” she asked the presenter, whose husband is called Brian.

Limpho also questioned why they were reluctant to reveal their mother’s identity.

Vanessa and Cleopatra first made the claims in 2009 saying they are Hani’s children from a relationship he had before he married Limpho. – Sunday World

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