All-white cast of SA’s revolution speak up

Liliesleaf: Instigating violence in SA, a white passtime
Liliesleaf: Instigating violence in SA, a white pastime

SOUTH Africa’s “born free” generation has no interest in the nation’s history, Liliesleaf Trust chief executive officer Nicholas Wolpe complained yesterday while marking the 50-year anniversay of the arrests of the Umkhonto we Sizwe (MK) leadership.

“South Africans in general do not understand the importance of our history,” he said. “We don’t celebrate what our legacies really mean, which is clear when it comes to Heritage Day changing into Braai Day. We need to identify who and what we are, who was born three months before the arrests of Nelson Mandela and other key leaders of the liberation movement on July 11, 1963.”

Wolpe said visitors to the farm always appeared shocked that there had been white people involved in the liberation struggle. “Sites like Liliesleaf Farm are important to future generations, as they preserve the country’s history,” he said.

“If we do not continue having discussions about the past, one day we might wake up to our history no longer being there.”

The anniversary featured a handover of a Memory of Legacy set of medallions. “A gold medallion commemorates the farm raid, a silver medallion the Rivonia trial and another gold medallion honours the escape from Marshall Square,” said South African Gold Coin Exchange executive chairman Alan Demby, who handed the set to Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe. – The Citizen