Govt. gives Terence Nombembe a R6 million back-dated pay rise!

Terence Nombembe
Terence Nombembe

Auditor General Terence Nombembe has received a salary increase of close to a million rand a year, backdated for more than six years.

Details of the increase are contained in a letter, dated May 23 this year, sent by President Jacob Zuma to Parliament. The letter was published this week in a parliamentary document.

“[The president has determined that] the annual salary package of the Auditor General Mr TM Nombembe be increased from R1,708,600 per annum to R2,650,000 per annum with effect from December 1, 2006.”

This meant Nombembe’s salary package would increase by R941,400 a year, backdated for six-and-a-half years, a windfall of well over R6 million.

The date of December 1, 2006 is the day on which Nombembe — who replaced Shauket Fakie, who retired — was appointed to the post.

The letter also announces a huge increase in Nombembe’s termination benefits.

“[The] Auditor General’s termination benefit [is to] be increased from 10 percent of the average term compensation for each year of service, to 50 percent of the average term compensation for each year of service… .”

According to the letter the payment of back pay would be done in accordance with the guidelines applicable to the AG’s office.

Zuma’s decision to increase Nombembe’s salary package was based on a recommendation of the parliamentary committee on the Auditor General. – Sapa