Two Afrikaners on trial for bestiality in Pretoria

A labrador, such as allegedly used by Smit
A labrador, such as allegedly used by Smit

The Pretoria News reports that the case of a Pretoria East woman who allegedly had sex with two dogs is finally ready to go to trial next week, having been transferred to a court with an Afrikaans-speaking magistrate.

Smartly dressed in a black suit and red blouse, Jana Smit, 31, and her co-accused and former lover, Morne Fourie, 38, stood in the dock as State prosecutor Heinrich Scholtz told the court the case had been transferred from another court because of language issues.

Scholtz indicated that the accused and defence in the matter were all Afrikaans-speaking and it would make it easier if the magistrate could speak Afrikaans too.

Smit and Fourie face five charges of bestiality, possession of child pornography and sexual enticement.

Scholtz also indicated that he was waiting for feedback from the senior public prosecutor after “discussing certain matters with her regarding the case”.

Smit was arrested in August last year after a complaint from an animal protection organisation. It is alleged that the organisation and the NSPCA had received home-made video footage and photographs of Smit having sex with a Staffordshire bull terrier and a Labrador.

The footage was immediately taken to the Moot police station. Smit was arrested hours later. It is believed that the Staffie belonged to Smit’s neighbours. At the time of her arrest, the Labrador was taken to the NSPCA where it was put up for adoption.

Fourie, an IT specialist from Garsfontein, was arrested three days later. It is alleged that he helped to produce some of the pornographic images.

Both were released on bail of R1 000 each following their first court appearance.

At the time the court ordered Smit to undergo a mental assessment at the Moot police station. The outcome of the assessment will be disclosed during her trial.

Earlier, the court heard that investigators trawled through 31 000 e-mails on Smit’s laptop as part of the investigation.