Most wanted Mpuma criminal in court today

Douglas Mogakane
Douglas Mogakane

One of Mpumalanga’s most wanted criminals, suspected drug-leader Douglas Mogakane, will appear in the Mhala Magistrate’s Court in Thulamahashe on Thursday.

A Sapa correspondent reported that Mogakane would appear in connection with more than 10 charges including from murder, armed robbery and carhijacking.

Mogakane, 27, was arrested in Pretoria after an armed robbery in July last year after he escaped from custody in Skukuza police cells on August 4, 2011.

On Tuesday, he appeared in the Pretoria Magistrate’s Court on charges of business robbery, committed in Pretoria after his escape, which led to his arrest.

He was refused bail and the case was postponed to August 14, for further investigation.

Mogakane was transferred to Mpumalanga to face his other charges, police said.

“Mogakane is alleged to have committed a series of atrocious crimes including rapes, business robberies, armed robberies, house robberies, murder, car hijackings, theft of motor vehicle and possession of unlicensed firearms,” spokesman police spokesman Colonel Leonard Hlathi.

He said Mogakane would appear along with two others who are accused of being part of his gang.

“We hope the court does not grant him bail until his trial. After his escape from the Skukuza police cells Mogakane reportedly continued to terrorise the community of Mpumalanga, allegedly raping women, killing people and also hijacking cars,” said Hlathi.

Hlathi said some trial dates had been set.

“In some of his alleged cases, a trial date has been scheduled to take place during September, 11. He will not face the trial in the magistrate’s court but in regional court.” – Sapa