Police bungle another farm attack case

stopfarmattacksAfriForum is considering legal action against a police investigator after a case was thrown out of court and a farm attacker was freed due to gross negligence by the police.

The victims of the attack, Mr Noël McSeveney, and his wife, Alta, were attacked by two men in June 2013 on their farm just outside of Malelane, Mpumalanga. Mr McSeveney was wounded in the attack, and in his efforts to protect himself and his wife, he killed one attacker and wounded the other.

According to Nantes Kelder, Head of the Investigative Unit at AfriForum, the case against the accused took place in absentia. The investigating officer allegedly failed to present a medical report to the court to confirm that the accused was still in hospital, receiving treatment. As a result, the case was thrown out.

The Investigative Unit of AfriForum also made a report available earlier this year on mistakes made by the police during their investigations of farm attacks. “The blatant negligence of the police means that an attacker is now free and the victims have to live in fear. The investigator should be held responsible,” said Kelder.

AfriForum will take on the case on behalf of Mr McSeveney. Kelder added that the incidence of farm attacks and violent crimes is unacceptably high. One would think that such cases would be handled with great care, in order to ensure that justice is served.

A warrant for the arrest of the accused has been issued, but AfriForum has heard that he could not be traced.