Anti-Afrikaner human rights violations in the spotlight

Human rights violations against Afrikaners are increasingly under the spotlight, as the Commonwealth Human Rights Unit has started to monitor the issue and an American expert on genocide, Dr. Gregory Stanton, has arrived in South Africa.

Speaking on the nation-wide radio station RadioSonderGrense yesterday morning, Dr.  Dan Roodt of PRAAG said that there were “systemic human rights violations being committed against Afrikaners under the ANC government”. PRAAG has laid a charge at the Commonwealth against South Africa for what it calls “the systemic violation of human rights” suffered by Afrikaners and white South Africans generally.

He also referred to previous complaints laid by PRAAG at the International Criminal Court at The Hague, the UN Human Rights Committee in Geneva and the South African Human Rights Commission. However, the South African Human Rights Commission seemed reluctant to investigate any human rights abuses against people of European descent.

“On my last visit to the SA Human Rights Commission in Parktown, Johannesburg, I got the distinct impression that they were only concerned about white-on-black racism, ” said Dr. Dan Roodt. “The commissioner, a black woman, displayed a book on her desk entitled ‘White Power: The Rise and Fall of the National Party’ by feminist Marxist author Christi van der Westhuizen. She told me that I was mentioned in the book (even though I never had anything to do with the National Party) and that therefore she could not listen to my complaint about human rights violations against Afrikaners. How is one to take the SAHRC seriously? Nevertheless, for the record,we will also renew our appeal to the SAHRC to intervene in the rapes, murders and massacres of so many white and Afrikaner families under ANC rule.”

PRAAG found that until now the Commonwealth and the NGO Genocide Watch had been the only two international organisations that have responded to the human rights crisis in South Africa.

Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch has just arrived in South Africa. He will be giving a press conference on 26 July at 11h00 in Silverton, Pretoria, at the TAU SA head office during which Dr Stanton will share his impressions and conclusions.

Dr Gregory Stanton is Research Professor in Genocide Studies and Prevention, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia, and has been concerned about the extreme levels of black violence against Afrikaners for some time now. On its website, Genocide Watch classifies South Africa as  a “level 5” genocide country. At level 7 full-scale genocide breaks out. On its website Genocide Watch stated on  4 July 2012:

“Genocide Watch considers land redistribution to be a ticking time bomb in South Africa.  If the wealthy countries of the world do not assist South Africa in resolving it by financing compensation of land-sellers, the ‘rainbow nation’ could descend into violence and go the way of Zimbabwe.

“Genocide Watch rates South Africa at Stage Five: Polarization, just at the edge of Stage Six, Preparation (for genocide).”

In a statement, Mr. Louis Mentjes, President of the Transvaal Agricultural Union of South Africa said: “TAU SA will endeavour to compare its’ own views regarding violent crimes on farms and the untenable situation within which farm dwellers find themselves, with Dr Stanton’s insight and studies elsewhere. He is internationally recognized and his concern regarding the situation in the RSA, demands discussion and consideration.”

Over and above from having individual discussions with several leading figures, Dr Stanton will also have the opportunity to attend a district agricultural union meeting as well as being the guest of the FW de Klerk Foundation during a conference where “National Policy at the Cross Roads” will be the topic under discussion.

A media conference is scheduled for 11h00 on 26 July 2012 at the TAU SA head office in Silverton during which Dr Stanton will share his impressions and conclusions. The media is invited to attend.