Woman shot by 8 armed blacks in Bronkhorstspruit

crime-gunTeresa Hammond (43) was shot and one of her guests seriously injured during an attack at her home at 1.30 am on 6 August, reports Sunette Bridges.

Teresa awoke to find 8 armed black men in her bedroom, with a gun against her head in her home in Ekandustria near Bronkhorstspruit. Her husband, Mike, was in hospital where he is being treated for a lung infection and her children, Michelle (13) and Leslie (5) were asleep in their bedrooms.

Hammond’s guests, Derick and Michelle Lidston, where sleeping in the guest room on the ground floor of the house.

“When I awoke at 1.30, there was a gun against my head and I was surrounded by 8 men. One of them was an employee of mine.”

The attackers demanded to know where the safe was and Teresa told them that they didn’t have one or kept any cash in the house. The men then went to fetch her children.

Some of them started searching the house for valuables and Teresa managed to escape to the bottom floor with her children. She ran to the guest room to warn her guests and they pushed a wardrobe in front of the door. She told Derick to get out via the window to look for help.

The attackers broke down the door and shot Teresa through the wardrobe.

“I shot the bitch!” one of them yelled.

Derick jumped out of the window but the attackers waited for him outside. They brutally assaulted him and started dragging him on the tar road.

Teresa managed to hide her children. The attackers fled at 2.15 am with cellphones, wallets and jewelry.

Derick was seriously injured and taken to hospital where he had to undergo surgery.

The Hammonds’ employee, who was involved in the attack, has been taken into custody. The other 7 are still at large. – Sunette Bridges