PRAAG supports embassy occupation and calls for global Pro-Afrikaans Movement (PAM)

Koster protest
PRAAG protest against genocide in Koster, a small rural town in South Africa

PRAAG (the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group) based in Johannesburg supports the occupation of South African embassies in all Western countries on the tentative date of 15 March 2012. It has also called for a global Pro-Afrikaans Movement (PAM) that would see sympathetic parties, organisations and individuals supporting Afrikaner rights in South Africa, including the right to life.

“International law lays the responsibility to protect upon all governments, especially the South African government which is governing from the very city, Pretoria, where Afrikaners once exercised sovereignty and where the vestiges of our former independence are still evident in the form of statues, street names and architectural symbols,” said Dr. Dan Roodt, leader of PRAAG.

“We also claim the right to speak our own language and to have our own institutions such as schools and universities,” he continued.  “All institutions stolen from us should be returned as soon as possible, together with compensation for damages to our artefacts, documents, objets d’art and heritage.”

Dr. Roodt stated that the current violence and discrimination suffered by his people were tantamount to genocide and should arouse international concern and intervention.

“As the first nation of European and Western descent threatened by imminent national death at the hands of a third-world alliance in our own country, the Pro-Afrikaans Movement should inspire those who support us to also fight for their own survival and the preservation of their own heritage and way of life,” he said. “However, we are confident of our victory and the restoration of our sovereignty and independence, as well as the return of our land by those who have conquered it by non-military means.”

Roodt concluded by saying: “We pledge ourselves, once we have secured our Fourth Republic, to help those patriots of all countries who have come to our aid in this, the darkest hour of our history, so as to safeguard their own freedom against uncontrolled immigration, affirmative action and other measures meant to cause the downfall of European culture as a whole.”

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