CCTV captures xenophobic Cape cops

saps4A Cape Town man says he’s been unnecessarily harassed by police – and he’s demanding to know why.

Several dozen policeman burst into Anelechi Sideny’s home in the early hours of Friday morning. They were caught on his CCTV ransacking his home, and allegedly assaulted him without confiscating anything.

The Nigerian national is accusing police of xenophobia.

Police scaled Sideny’s walls, bursting through the kitchen door with firearms in hand.

Sideny  was made to lie face down as the officers searched the premises. With no search warrant, it was unclear what they were looking for.

“When I say can I call 10111, the other one took me up, stood up and took me to the corridor. He showed me a police car. He said you can see this road, left and right is filled with police cars, so we are police. We don’t need search warrant,” Sideny said.

Sideny says this is not the first time he and his South African fiancée have been victimised. He installed CCTV cameras to capture what he and his family regularly have to endure.

Even his five-year-old daughter has started questioning why the family is being targeted.

“I told her, Blessing, it’s because your daddy’s a foreigner, a Nigerian for that matter. Buying a big house, that’s the crime I committed.”

A medical report shows that Sideny suffered soft-tissue injuries to his chest after allegedly being beaten by police in a room where there was no camera.

He now has to pay for the damage to his property,  but he says no amount of money can pay for the trauma his family has experienced.

Police say they were searching for suspects in the recent cop killings in Cape Town. They confirmed that they are investigating, among others, a criminal case of malicious damage to property against the officers involved in this raid. – eNCA