Fake police car used in 35 crimes found near Jhb

SA police squad car (this could be a real one)
SA police squad car (this could be a real one)

Police recovered a fake Gauteng flying squad vehicle that may have been used in more than 35 crimes in and around Johannesburg, The Star reported on Friday.

Police received a call on Thursday that a house in Alberton had been robbed. When they arrived on the scene, they drove past a flying squad vehicle, with an unmarked GTI Golf in tow.

Police spoke to the occupants of the flying squad vehicle and even co-ordinated how to track down the robbers.

Lt-Col Katlego Mogale told the newspaper that officers realised by the way the men spoke that they were speaking to impersonators.

The men sped away after realising that they had been discovered and a chase ensued.

The flying squad vehicle went into Glenanda, and was found parked inside a garage. Its four occupants had fled.

The unmarked GTI Golf was lost during the chase which lasted an hour.

According to the newspaper, the vehicle was found at a house which was being rented out. Police would not say whether the owners of the house had anything to do with the crimes.

Mogale said the vehicle was believed to be the same one reported in 35 separate cases of robbery, hijacking and theft.

A police-issued, but unlicensed pair of handguns, a rifle and a bullet proof vest were found in the vehicle. – Sapa