KwaZulu-Natal farmer shot in the head in latest farm attack

newcastleA KwaZulu-Natal farmer was reportedly killed by farm attackers as he returned to his property.

The Mercury newspaper reported that Timothy Green — who was returning home from visiting family — was shot dead at his front gate after disturbing the attackers on Sunday night.

The 44-year-old Newcastle farmer apparently tried to hide under his vehicle, but could make just one call before being shot in the head and legs.

“When he realised he was under attack, he called Marlize Strydom, a colleague and friend, and asked her to call the police… that was the last call he made,” his brother Anthony Green told The Mercury.

The newspaper reported that Strydom called the Dannhauser police station, but no vehicles were apparently available. Police arrived on the scene only an hour later.

Police said that a murder docket had been opened. The attackers are still at large.