TAU SA sees risk of famine due to ‘communist-style land reform’

Louis Meintjes of TAU SA (left)
Louis Meintjes of TAU SA (left)

TAU SA called on the Minister of Agriculture, Tina Joemat-Pettersen, to express her opinion on her colleague of Rural Development and Land Reform’s ideological process which will deprive white landowners of their rightful property.

TAU SA`s president, Mr. Louis Meintjes calls minister Nkwinti plans “constructive deprivation of white landowners, if not plain legalized land grabbing”.

In a letter to Minister Joemat-Petterson Mr Meintjes asked her if her colleague’s policy also is government policy, and whether she, who is also in essence the minister who has a direct interest in food security, can condone the ideological approach which has the potential of “totally destroying commercial agriculture”.

Meanwhile, Minister Nkwinti was informed in a separate letter that until he and his department display the common decency to respond to correspondence, TAU SA was not prepared to participate in the NAREG process or any of his ministerial work sessions, and that TAU SA did not regard those actions as meeting the requirements applicable to a public consultation process as it does not comply with administrative requirements.

Mr. Meintjes called on Minister Joemat-Petterson to ensure that the plans and proposals for Land Reform would not give such rights to farm workers that it would jeopardise food security, because in terms of the proposals farmers would eventually have no authority to make any decisions on their own farms without the consent of their employees.

“Those proposals effectively puts Government in charge of all agricultural properties. This is a communist approach and TAU SA will have no choice but to encourage farmers to put measures in place within the shortest time possible to ensure that they will be able to continue with their operations without labour,” said Mr Meintjes.

“Should these proposals be contained in legislation it will influence the total economy negatively, and we foresee famine in South Africa,” Meintjies concluded