Black school protesters turn on media

smashPupils at New Eisleben Secondary School in Nyanga stoned a Cape Argus photographer’s vehicle on Wednesday morning during violent protests against the school’s principal.

Hundreds of pupils protested outside and inside the school premises this morning. Garbage was dumped in the school’s corridors.

Attempts at contacting the principal were unsuccessful – his office phone went unanswered.

Cindy Waxa a Cape Argus photographer, said the pupils originally welcomed her as a photographer.

However, a rumour that she was an informant for the Department of Education made the rounds and caused some of the pupils to turn on her.

As she drove away in a company car, the protesting pupils hurled stones, smashing the back windscreen of the car.

Police were on the scene mid-morning and fired a tear gas canister to disperse the pupils. The Cape Argus witnessed a number of teachers leaving the school premises, but it is understood that the principal was still in his office at the time of publication.

Bronagh Casey, spokesman for Education MEC Donald Grant, said department officials were on the scene to monitor the situation.

“We cannot confirm the reason for the protest,” she said.

“This is something that we will have to establish during the course of the day.

“The school has, however, been closed for today and we will continue to monitor the situation,” she said.

Cape Argus