Freedom is neither Right, nor Left


by Albert Brenner

What happens to exist is the cause of its use. (Lucretius)

Equal-outcome egalitarianism (henceforth, EOE) is the scourge of our time.  It is the doksa of our Zeitgeist – the fons et origo of the Prismon of Equality.

To, for example, believe that race and gender are “social constructs”, gay and heterosexual marriage (are) commensurate and culture(s) “relative” – in order to make all (appear) equal in outcome – is unreason at its purest. For all actions aimed at its fulfillment are fated to fail because its telos is extrinsic in finality… meaning that if that external thing – in this case a-historical and universal equality in outcome – had never  existed, all action undertaken to bring it to fruition will, inexorably, fail.

Fortunately this anthropic attribution underpinning the “divine” purpose of secular-humanism is petrifying.  Its “truth” – its “mobile army of metaphors, metonyms, and anthropomorphisms …” (Nietzsche) is becoming increasingly immobile … in the face of Reason.

Freedom-loving people in the West are becoming increasingly aware of EOE’s inherent, and inevitable, totalitarian aspirations. They are getting sick and tired of, for example, words being banned, wanton social-engineering (e.g. AA, BEE, bussing and “gender-free” toilets for kids), state-sponsored punishment via forced “rehabilitation” courses like sensitivity and cultural-awareness training – as if (the) Soviet gulags weren’t bad enough already, etc.

Be that as it may; the rise of libertarianism as embodied by, for example, the Tea Party in America and UKIP in England, is the clearest sign that the overtly coercive policies of (yet another) state-driven ideology have reached their sell-by date.

And this disaffection has nothing to do with being “left” or “right” on the political spectrum… because the aforementioned positions are but dichotomous expressions of allegiance to, or contra, (a) specific ideology.

For example, anti-communists like Lech Walesa and Alexander Solzhenitsyn were actually “left-wing” because they fought against those who wanted to conserve Communism. Yet (the) support of Communism is (usually) regarded as being “leftist”. Ergo, to conserve (as in “right-wing”) or to explore/demand liberty (as in “left-wing”) is completely relative – purely a factor of allegiance as expressed dichotomously.

Meaning that the growing dissatisfaction with (yet another prismon) – this time, EOE – transcends all traditional notions of conservatism and liberalism. Hence, new political constellations are arising in the West… under the guiding light of libertarianism. For libertarianism seems to be the only viable solution left to guarantee the freedom of Whites in the future.

And this is especially true for the Afrikaner in South Africa. The road to the “right” (e.g. the AWB) and the road to the “left” (e.g. the DA) have brought them nowhere. Even worse; it has made enemies of potential friends.

There are many non-Christian Afrikaners (especially the youth) and there are many white English-speaking South Africans who are fiercely loyal to the Afrikaner’s quest for freedom.  Yet they and “traditional” Afrikaners are always at each other’s throats… simply because they are still caught within the “left-wing versus right-wing” political constellation… now discredited!

Maybe the path to Afrikaner Freedom is via libertarianism… the antithesis of (the) authoritarianism shackling him to ANC/DA-driven equal-outcome egalitarianism. Because it, libertarianism, – as defined by the philosopher Roderick Long – furthers “any political position that advocates a radical redistribution of power from the coercive state to voluntary associations of free individuals”.

Maybe (a) federalism fed by libertarianism will, one day, be the only political guarantee of voluntary associations (of whites in South Africa) within a clearly defined geographical (and ideological) locale, like Orania. But alas, only time will tell.

What is a given though is the fact that libertarianism will be the Alamo of the Pale Male once its own artillery, democracy, has finally turned against him… on the eternal battlefield where demography is fate (August Comte).