Pik Botha: ANC broke AA deal

Rian Malan and Pik Botha
Rian Malan and Pik Botha

The African National Congress has broken the affirmative action deal it reached with the National Party in 1994, apartheid era foreign minister Pik Botha reportedly said.

According to a Fin24 report Botha said that Affirmative Action in its current guise was not what the two parties agreed upon.

The former minister said that the intention during the negotiations was to rectify the injustices of the apartheid era. Botha though said that had the ANC insisted on including the current Employment Equity Act in the Constitution at the time, then having a new constitutional dispensation would have been impossible.

“Discrimination against white young people, who had nothing to do with apartheid, was definitely not part of the agreement between the NP and the ANC. Neither, generally, was discrimination against whites, coloureds or Indians,” Botha was quoted as saying by Fin24.

“The boomerang effect of the Employment Equity Act is that masses of black people are still untrained and unemployed and that the country’s economic progress is severely hampered by a shortage of skills. This affects millions more blacks than whites,” Botha added.

Botha opined that fundamental talks between leaders of all races was needed to “agree on the road ahead”. – iAfrica.com