Black Management Forum to launch Gender Desk

Koko Khumalo
Koko Khumalo

The Deputy President of Black Management Forum Koko Khumalo says a Gender Desk will be launched on Saturday, August 24 in Polokwane. She says the theme for the day is “Planning Beyond Lifetime”. Khumalo says the rationale for this theme is to address that women are the centre of families.

She says the Black Management Forum Gender Desk will ask members why they don’t see themselves going beyond their current level at the workplace. Khumalo further says that they are also going to do their own survey so that their members can talk about their experiences and relevant actions can be taken.

According to Khumalo, women must not only be empowered in the boardroom because the Black Management Forum stands for the development of Black Managerial Leadership. She adds that the reason it’s called Gender Desk and not women empowerment is because gender issues are not only related to women. “For women to get the equation right they need men to play a significant role.”

Women are said to play an essential role in the society. Khumalo says if a woman do not come from a supportive background it is equally hard for her to get escalated at work and produce results. “When I walk into the boardroom, I play as an equal not as a woman,” she says. – SABC