Freedom Front objects to EFF registration as ‘party of hate’

EFFLogo1Hate speech, a policy based on racism and an economic policy of nationalisation clash with the letter and spirit of the South African Constitution and the Freedom Front Plus has in the light of this, lodged its strong objection with the Independent Electoral Commission to the registration of Julius Malema’s political party, the Economic Freedom Fighters.

According to Mr. Pieter Groenewald, the FF Plus’ chairperson, a strongly worded letter about this matter was sent to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) in which the commission has been requested to decline the application of Malema on constitutional grounds. Individuals and parties had until the end of last week had the opportunity to object to the registration.

“The EFF propagates the nationalisation of land, mines, banks and other assets without compensation and in particular on a racial basis. It is unconstitutional.

“Malema is already been found guilty in the High Court of South Africa of hate speech about the singing of the controversial song ‘Shoot the Boer’ which has subsequently been declared to be hate speech.

“With the singing of the song, Malema created race polarisation and incited emotions against a specific race and ethnic group, which is unconstitutional.

“To date, Malema as the leader of EFF has not shown any remorse. The FF Plus believes that he will continue with his unconstitutional actions and that he will abuse his party as a vehicle for similar discriminating actions and policy directions.

“In addition, the word ‘fighters’ is not suitable for a democratic system where political parties compete in elections in an orderly and democratic fashion. Section 16 of the Electoral Commission Act, states it clearly that any name or abbreviation which portrays the propagation or incitement of violence or hatred, is not acceptable,” Mr. Groenewald said.

A further request was also directed to the IEC in which the FF Plus objects to the English abbreviations of the name of the EFF, as it could lead to confusion amongst the public.

Mr. Groenewald said the FF Plus has already experienced that there is confusion on amongst others, social media networks.

“The FF Plus will in this regard be submitting the necessary proof to the IEC should it be necessary. About the issue of the name, we expect a thorough explanation from the IEC about its decision.

“To date the FF Plus is the only party which is opposing the registration of Malema’s party. We do not doubt for one minute that it is unconstitutional and the IEC will indeed neglect its mandate if the registration of the EFF is approved,” Mr. Groenewald said.