‘Sondag’ newspaper must publish front-page apology to Dan Roodt

The Press Ombudsman has ordered weekly newspaper Sondag to publish a front page apology to Dan Roodt for publishing a defamatory article linking the Afrikaans writer and activist to an internet sex site.

Deputy ombudsman Johann Retief found that the March 3 article created “considerable and unnecessary” damage to Roodt’s public image.

The article told of a website encouraging Afrikaners to procreate to ensure the survival of the minority group.

It said the site was managed by “a sidekick” of Roodt and a contributor to Praag, Roodt’s Afrikaans language activism group and website.

Roodt complained that the article wrongly suggested that he and his organisation ran a pornographic site. He denied any involvement with the site. – Sapa