Zille rejoices as Mandela’s Victor Verster house becomes national landmark

Helen Zille, supporting the ANC icon
Helen Zille, supporting the ANC icon Mandela

Nelson Mandela moved into his Victor Verster in 1988. A few year later the world watched in awe as Mandela walked free from Victor Verster prison.

Western Cape premier Helen Zille says: “We’ve heard some really interesting stories about the house… a lot of anecdotes. I mean we were told how Madiba saw a microwave for the first time and thought it was a TV. I mean everything in this house is still the same and we need to preserve such history”

23 years later the refurbished Madiba Freedom Walk Road was opened. It has cost the DA municipality R6 million to upgrade the road.

The DA believes tourists will flock to the place in numbers and the refurbished road would make access easier.

“Correctional facilities are very strict. Before, anyone coming to the house had to go through the prison gate. Now the road grants everyone easier access to the Madiba house,” says Correctional services’ Jacobus Sinclair.

The Madiba house is now a landmark that is etched in history, according to the main opposition party.