More suicides in SA than USA, UK

depressedThe South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) says South Africa has an extremely high suicide rate that needs to be addressed urgently.

According to SADAG, 23 people commit suicide every day countrywide and a further 230 attempt to.

That is more suicides than America and the UK.

SADAG spokesperson Cassey Chambers says the fact that one in every five South Africans suffer from a mental illness could be one of the major contributors to this problem.

She says different factors contribute to the country’s high suicide rate.

“We’ve got so many external stresses and triggers. We are exposed to so much trauma, crime and violence. We also see a breakdown of the family unit, so there’s more separation, divorce and abuse.”

Chambers says the issue could be addressed with more recourses and access to help.

“We run the country’s only suicide crisis line. We get about 400 calls a day of people looking for help. That number of 400 calls per day has increased over the last two years.” – EWN