Mandela’s grandson hopes for miracle

madibaDays after the Presidency revealed that former President Nelson Mandela’s condition was sometimes unstable his grandson Mbuso Mandela has said that he still hopes that Madiba will be able to leave hospital.

Madiba has spent the past two and half months in the Pretoria Heart hospital, where he is being treated for a recurring lung infection.

Former President Nelson Mandela’s wife Graca Machel was supposed to speak at the Women of Excellence summit hosted by Madiba’s grandson Mbuso, but, just hours before the event was due to begin, she cancelled.

“She said it’s trying times at the moment so she won’t be able to attend because she has to be elsewhere,” said Mbuso.

Two days ago, the Presidency revealed that Mandela’s health did sometimes become unstable but stabilised after what has been referred to as “medical interventions”. It added that doctors were working hard to bring about a turnaround in Madiba’s condition.

“He’s 95 and there are not many people in this country and the rest of our continent that can actually reach that age and still be pretty compos mentis and still be able to look up, raise his hand and all that. So we must understand that he is old and we can’t really have too much expectations of him living forever, even though everyone would love that. So would I,” said Mbuso.

Mbuso Mandela says he understand the public’s need for updates on his grandfather’s health.

“People need to remember that, when he became president of this great country, and he actually did what he did, he then became everybody’s grandfather, everybody’s father. He became the people’s person. So, at the end of the day, we as a family must also understand that he is ours, but he is also our country’s.”

For now, it seems, the media frenzy that surrounded Mandela’s hospitalisation has become comparatively calm. – eNCA