Showdown looms at Water Sisulu University

walter-sisulu-universityA show down is looming between management of the Water Sisulu University and students in the Eastern Cape as the 12 o’clock deadline to vacate the premises nears.

The university says the move to vacate the residences is for the safety of students but they have threatened to resist it on the grounds that management must address the workers’ demands.

Staff are on strike demanding a salary increase of 8% while the university is offering 4.25%.

Students’ spokesperson, Lusanda Thutha says they will resist any attempt to vacate them legally or otherwise. “We are not going anywhere. It cannot be good that we have been told through Facebook that we have to leave and vacate the premises because we know that we never applied through Facebook,” says Thutha.

She says that every decision that has to be taken about students has to involve the leadership of the students. Meanwhile, the university’s spokesperson Angela Church says that students have started to go home.

Church, has warned against resistance. “We issued the notice on Tuesday that they must vacate the residences. We did extend the deadline to Friday August 30. We need our students to vacate the residences for their own safety and security as the situation around the WSU campuses is very volatile. Some of our students have been injured in skirmishes with police and we cannot put them at risk any further,” she says.

“We will assess the situation after  5 o’clock on Friday,” Church added.