Twitter flooded with opposition to US attack on Syria

Merkel's necklace
Merkel’s necklace

A deluge of duty military personnel as well as many veterans are taking to Twitter to express their opposition to the Obama administration’s plan to launch an attack on Syria.

After numerous US servicemembers posted photos of themselves holding up signs on Twitter refusing to fight on the side of Al-Qaeda in Syria, the meme developed into several different hashtag trends, including #IdidntJoin and #VetsOnSyria.

Congressman Justin Amash, a vocal critic of the Obama administration’s build-up to war, has been inundated with tweets from active duty military members and veterans in anticipation of a House vote on authorization of military action which is set to take place next week.

Opposition to an attack on Syria is by no means only reserved to regular servicemembers. Numerous top brass have also gone public to express their concerns and Pentagon officials are even leaking information in a desperate bid to derail the path to war.

Many members of Congress have expressed dissatisfaction at the evidence presented to them by the administration in behind closed door meetings.

In a related development, the French government released an intelligence report today which alleged “massive use of chemical agents” by the Syrian government last month. The report was “based… in part on dozens of videos culled by French intelligence services.” In other words, this damning “intelligence” report relies primarily on YouTube videos of the attack, which offer no clues whatsoever to who the culprits even were.

The German BND also issued a similar statement, but tried to quell the growing opposition to chancellor Angela Merkel‘s toadying to the US. Her attention-grabbing necklace from Sunday night’s political debate has received its own popular Twitter parody account.

The Germany Necklace account purports to tweet from the perspective of Merkel’s debate necklace, which bears the colors of the German flag in the wrong order, and parodies the amount of attention the accessory received in the media when compared to issues such as Syria, taxes and the eurozone crisis.

“It’s getting warm here,” tweeted the necklace, which was approaching 7,500 followers to @schlandkette on Monday.

“I give the chancellor my full backing,” the account tweeted.

President Bashar Al-Assad also warned today that potential western military intervention in Syria could spark a “regional war,” adding that “chaos and extremism will spread” if Obama green lights an attack which he has signaled will take place no matter which way Congress votes.

  • Matt Heyns

    In Syria, every day that passes, every bullet shot, every human dead screams “false flag” … for months now, we‘ve been following/beholding, most empathetically, the Syrian case as it evolves into an apocalypse … and amidst the bloodshed, the coffins, the UN votes and vetoes, the political initiatives and conspiracies, the daily shelling and the daily horrors … I fail to catch sight of any trace of a revolution. I even fail to discern any heroism in the deeds of the so called free Syrian army; I can only feel the pain of watching our human folly and incompetence come to life on the Syrian theater.

    • DichterS

      Dit is regtig pragtig en regtig goed geskryf. Matt – het jy dit geskryf?

      • Matt Heyns

        Ek beskik oor ‘n graad in Engels en kon vir dertig jare in die Seemag oefen. My ouers was van mening ek het ‘n welversnede pen; vandaar my voorliefde om van my pen te lewe. Hoe dit ook al sy, hartlike dank vir jou pro-aktiewe bydrae. Ek stel dit hoog op prys!

      • Ratel

        Jip. Hy het dit self gecopy en paste uit ‘n berig wat deur Dr.Ashraf Ezzat geskryf is, met die naam “War in Syria: No sign of a Revolution yet.”
        Bad Matt! Bad Matt!
        En toe jy hom hierdie pluimpie gee, toe kan hy nie ophou om jou verder te impress met talle goed wat hy van ander websites af copy en paste nie.
        Extremely bad Matt!

  • Matt Heyns

    The fact that only regimes that the US wants removed are targeted by “spontaneous democracy” that alone should say it all. The entire thing is as fake as 911 and sponsored by the same Zionist filth …….the ones only who benefit. Entire region destroying itself and each other without the Zionists firing one shot or shekel at their Arab Muslim enemies. Pretty good deal for them if you ask me.

  • Matt Heyns

    Aside from “ Judaism rejects Zionism” cliche, a lot of Islamist fundamentalist groups subscribe to the same logo and add that Islam also rejects Zionism … but when the going gets tough, most of them, as in the MB, adopt the Zionist very mindset and approach.

  • Matt Heyns

    Wie het hierdie waansin begin. Wie trek voordeel uit hierdie oorlog. Wie het die Mujahedin gestuur om hierdie onheilige oorlog te veg. Wie baan die weg vir nog ‘n Islamietese oorname. Wie bestuur hierdie oorlog met volmag. Wie sal voordeel trek en wen aan die einde. Sal dit Katar en Saoedi-Arabië met hul petro-dollars wees of die Chinese en Russe met hulle onstuitbare voorsiening van swaar wapens … En die belangrikste van alles is watter rol speel Mossad agente in die naburige inferno. Maar terwyl dit lyk asof ek nie antwoord op hierdie vrae het nie, weet ek hierdie oorlog gaan by die Arameërs spook vir ‘n lang tyd om te kom.

  • Matt Heyns

    President Bashar
    Al-Assad also warned today that potential Western military intervention in Syria
    could spark a “regional war” adding that “chaos and extremism will spread.” Hy
    weet waar van hy praat. Hulpbronne raak al hoe minder namate die mens dit uit
    put. Hierdie keer is Rusland ook betrokke om sy deel te kry. Ek glo nie Rusland
    gaan sy vennote so by so in die steek laat nie en weerstand bied in ‘n gebied
    wat oor die potensiaal beskik om ‘n bybelse Armageddon tot gevolg te hê. Hoe dit ook al
    sy, die Weste wil ‘n groot deel van die nabye midde ooste, en nog verder oos,
    beset en beheer om sy natuurlike vyande die loef af te steek. Veral China bly
    maar ‘n doring in die Weste se vlees.

  • Matt Heyns

    There are only two exceptions: the use of force is legal if authorized by UN Security Council resolution and if it is used in self-defense. It has long been clear that Russia and China will use their veto to block a council resolution authorizing military force against Syria. Any argument that the US will intervene in self-defense does not respect the meaning of the term.

  • Matt Heyns

    Israel and the US carried out a joint missile-defense test over the eastern Mediterranean on Tuesday that was detected by Russian radar and raised ………………………………………….

  • Matt Heyns

    Iran’s ally (Assad) said Syria was capable of confronting any external aggression and that threats of a US strike would not discourage … EK VERMOED DIS ‘N MANIER OM VIR IRAN TE BETREK .

  • Matt Heyns

    1. Sometimes it’s better to sleep in on
    Monday morning. I had carefully avoided two appearances on FOX and CBS by
    Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday morning talk shows but should have expected that
    the wisdom imparted by the great Israeli statesman would continue to resonate.
    Sure enough, the Washington Post featured a story describing Bibi’s disappointment that
    the Iranian nuclear program has not been destroyed since the election of Barack
    Obama. Netanyahu also threatened to take military action against Syria to seize
    its chemical weapons lest they fall into the hands of Hezbollah.Okay, I get it,
    but the real kicker was the additional insights provided in the article.

    2. It explained: The comment by one of the
    nation’s closest allies–who has heavy political influence among the US
    electorate–hinted at a reproach of President Obama… The article then notes that
    Romney and the Israeli leader have a long friendship stemming from their brief
    overlap in the 1970s at Boston Consulting Group. First of all, Israel is not an
    ally of the United States even if the statement is repeated ad nauseam. Second,
    Bibi is the government leader of a foreign nation that has its own agenda which
    is contrary to US interests, something noted nowhere in the article.

    3. His heavy political influence in the US is
    asserted through the traitors in Congress and the media, and also via Pastor
    John Hagee, who would like to see the second coming of Christ, at which point
    all the Jews who do not convert will be killed. And finally, Netanyahu himself
    has denied any long friendship from the “brief overlap” with Romney. Romney
    would like to convince the John Hagee crowd that such a relationship exists,
    but it is a convenient fiction.

  • Matt Heyns

    Israel–United States relations are an important factor
    in the overall policy of the United States government in
    the Middle East. Therefor Congress has placed considerable importance on the
    maintenance of a close and supportive relationship. The main expression of
    Congressional support for Israel has been foreign aid. Since 1985, it has provided nearly $3
    billion in grants annually to Israel, with Israel being the largest annual
    recipient of American aid from 1976 to 2004 and the largest cumulative
    recipient of aid since World War II. Seventy-four percent of these funds must be spent purchasing
    US goods and services. Congress has monitored the aid issue closely along with other
    issues in bilateral relations, and its concerns have affected policies of the
    Administration. Almost all U.S. aid to
    Israel is now in the form of military assistance, while in the past it also
    received significant economic assistance. Strong congressional support for
    Israel has resulted in Israel receiving benefits not available to other
    countries. Die VSA wil graag vir Iran betrek by die
    konflik in Sirië om te verhoed Israel val Iran op eie houtjie aan.

  • Matt Heyns

    Bilateral relations have evolved from an initial U.S. policy of sympathy and support for the creation of a Jewish homeland in 1948 to an unusual partnership that links a small but militarily powerful Israel, dependent on the United States for its economic and military strength, with the American superpower trying to balance other competing interests in the region. Others maintain that Israel is a strategic ally, and that U.S. relations with Israel strengthen the U.S. presence in the Middle East. Israel is one of the United States’ two original major non-NATO ‘allies’ in the Middle East. Late Republican Senator Jesse Helms used to call Israel “America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East” when explaining why the United States viewed Israel as such a strategic ally, saying that the military foothold in the region offered by the Jewish State alone justified the military aid that the United States grants Israel every year. Currently, there are seven major non-NATO allies in the Greater Middle East.

  • Matt Heyns

    Die oorlog het reeds ‘n impak gehad. Selfs indien die
    konflik eindig, sal Sunnis en Shias meer verdeeld wees as ooit tevore – en nie
    net in Sirië nie. Iran is bang vir die verlies van sy naaste bondgenoot, en sal
    nie toelaat dat Sunnis beheer van Sirië kry nie. Met die vermoë om konflik op
    te wek in Irak en Afghanistan, sou enige internasionale onderhandeling sonder
    Iranse betrokkenheid dwaasheid wees. Die konflik het ook die kwessie van die
    Golan Heights te berde gebring, die strategies belangrike heuwels van
    rotsagtige grond tussen Sirië en Israel wat onder die Israeliese besetting vir
    40 jaar is, en wat Israel sal nie sonder ‘n geveg sal prys gee nie. Die Siriese
    burger oorlog bied ook ‘n geleentheid vir die Koerde om hul strewe na eie
    onafhanklikheid te laat geld.