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  • Pieter

    Laai asseblief die volgende 2 boekies af, en versprei die inligting:
    Die kinders van chaos & Die agtergeblewenes

  • Stormer On The Roof

    When is part 2 of African Planet coming up? I morbidly enjoyed the first one!

  • Mivu

    I am Black and very proud to be.

    why would you write your story as “BLACK HUSBAND KILLED HIS CHILDREN” why is the emphasis on the colour of the person and not the lost of lives?

  • Hiya,

    Your poll is inaccurate. Even the Khoi-San are migrants to this part of the world. The REAL “first people” (early homo species) went extinct long before the khoi-san migrated into this part of the world. They are not the “first people”, but they certainly are the oldest surviving genome and were here before the bantu and europeans colonized the space from them.

  • I`m not being paid a cent nor do I aspire to be a member of the FF-PLUS OR ITS parliamentrary representatives except that at this juncture we have no government just a bunch of parliamentary mafiocrats and kleptocrats and the ff-plus is the best man for the job to rule this country right now,right here!

    With Pieter Mulder as a Mayor we will for the first time injh twenty two years have satisfactorily health institutions,law enforcemece to fo and fight crime and no more relying on cars to travel five minutes as policing will be effective!

  • Welcome to the Atlanta Black Star Newsletter.

    New Report Debunks Myth of Atlanta as the Black Mecca

    atlanta black mecca

    Atlanta is recognized by many as the mecca, the hub, the center of the Black community in the U.S., as Harlem once was in past decades. Yet, despite the fact that Black people are moving into Atlanta in large numbers and the money is flowing, not everyone is sharing in the benefits the metro area has to offer. It all depends on the definition of a mecca, and the expectations of what that mecca represents for Black people…