Boerehaat book on Man Booker list

The 10 finalists for a prestigious literary award were announced at the University of Cape Town yesterday.

Boerehaat author and British darling Marlene van Niekerk’s “uncompromising look” at poor Afrikaans communities has netted her a place in the finals of … Read the rest

Heroin addict Angelina Jolie’s latest bizarre op

Angelina Jolie, an alleged a heroin addict, said she has had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed to avoid the risk of ovarian cancer.

Her latest bizarre announcement in a New York Times column printed on Tuesday came nearly … Read the rest

Another expensive black farming project tanks

President Jacob Zuma handed over 85 new tractors to the Masibuyele Emasimini project in Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal in June 2010 to encourage small-scale farming.

The The R500-million for the project is wasted it seems. The project was intended to help … Read the rest

Biggest political upset in the Netherlands after asylum announcement

The political upset this week does not come from France, where Marine Le Pen came out stronger in local elections, but from the Netherlands.

The largest party, the liberal VVD has announced that it wants to abolish asylum completely for … Read the rest

EU rightwing groups gather in Moscow

Representatives of about a dozen “far-right” groups from across Europe gathered in Russia Sunday for a pro-Kremlin conference as concern grows over Moscow’s alleged attempts to court “extremists” on the continent.

About 150 members of Russian nationalist and right-wing European … Read the rest

‘US spies feel at home in Switzerland’

US spies operate in Switzerland without much fear of being unmasked, because Swiss intelligence, though knowledgeable and very professional, poses no threat to them, former NSA contributor Edward Snowden told Swiss TV.

“The reason that made Switzerland so interesting as … Read the rest

Ilana Mercer: the grotesquely Stalinist FDR

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is not the man to quote in support of the market economy. He was, after all, the president who gave America the assault on free-market capitalism known as the New Deal. He also capitulated to communism at … Read the rest