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Putin’s popularity soars


charterunRussian President Vladimir Putin’s popularity has soared after the historic referendum in Crimea.

Putin spoke to Barack Obama on the phone, after the overwhelming majority of Crimeans expressed their willingness to join Russia.

As Putin spoke about the referendum, he … Read the rest

Rupert laughs at Malema

Two parties?
Two parties?

Two parties? Rupert denies Malema’s claims

Julius Malema has accused billionaire businessman Johann Rupert of controlling the ANC and DA and being behind the EFF leader’s tax and political woes, the Sunday Times reported.

When Rupert was contacted for comment … Read the rest

Quebec separatists stand to gain


quebecCanada is bracing for another fight with Quebec separatists.

Premier Pauline Marois today called an election for April 7 as she met Lieutenant-Governor Pierre Duchesne to ask him to dissolve the provincial legislature. Polls show Marois’ separatist Parti Quebecois may … Read the rest