Economic warfare provoked Pearl Harbor

Robert Higgs

Many people are misled by formalities. They assume, for example, that the United States went to war against Germany and Japan only after its declarations of war against these nations in December 1941. In truth, the United States

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Holocaust denial: German court to punish British bishop

Bishop Richard Williamson

A German court is making a fresh attempt to punish a British ultraconservative Catholic bishop for denying the Holocaust in a television interview.

The regional court in the southern city of Regensburg has issued an order of … Read the rest

‘The American Dream is a Myth’

The finance industry must take the blame for the growing divide between the rich and poor in the United States, says Nobel Prize-winning economics professor Joseph Stiglitz. In an interview with SPIEGEL, he accuses the industry of preying on the … Read the rest

Bavarian town promotes good manners

Idyllic Grafenau in the Bavarian Alps. Now they want to have perfect manners too

It seems like a vision of a better world: bus drivers have a friendly greeting for their passengers, salespeople serve customers with a smile, husbands surprise … Read the rest

German president asks for ‘courage’ against racism

Joachim Gauck

German President Joachim Gauck on Sunday demanded courage from civilians and more action from officials to prevent a repeat of the orgy of racist violence that shook Rostock two decades ago. Commentators say the speech said too little … Read the rest

Hackers publish German military secrets

Hackers from the group Anonymous said Wednesday they had accessed classified German files and posted them online, revealing details of the country’s military operations in Afghanistan.

Anonymous said it obtained the data from a server at the Bundestag or German … Read the rest

German authorities advise against use of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer

German’s web safety authority has warned web users not to use the Internet Explorer browser until a newly discovered and serious security defect has been fixed.

The Federal Information Technology Safety Office BSI said computers could be infected with a … Read the rest