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Building in Midrand collapses

A building has collapsed in Midrand, South Africa. Netcare911 tweeted that two were injured in the collapse.

The tavern by Midrand Taxi Rank, called Ipintombi, collapsed but police are still unsure of the cause and said that until a full … Read the rest

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President for sale

President for sale. This was the tagline of a Gumtree ad that disappeared soon after it was posted – but not before doing the rounds on social media.

The tongue-in-cheek advert was posted on Thursday by username Average Joe.

Featuring … Read the rest

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Oz offers asylum seekers money to go home

The Australian government is offering asylum seekers on Manus Island and Nauru detention centres up to $10,000 to abandon their hope of resettlement in Australia and voluntarily return to the country they fled from.

The revelation comes as the High … Read the rest

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Pope takes on Mafia

Pope Francis has called the ‘Ndrangheta crime group, the dangerous Italian mafia, an example of “the adoration of evil” and saying Mafiosi “are excommunicated”.

Speaking during a mass in the southern Italy, he issued the strongest attacks on organised crime … Read the rest

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The Yellen Fed will inflate

Frederick J. Sheehan is the author of Panderer to Power: The Untold Story of How Alan Greenspan Enriched Wall Street and Left a Legacy of Recession (McGraw-Hill, 2009), which was translated and republished in Chinese (2014). He is researching a … Read the rest

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The return on higher education

While U.S. schools have remained competitive globally in the face of declining state subsidies and rising tuition costs, it’s fair to ask whether students are getting what they pay for.

Some argue that too many degrees are a waste of … Read the rest