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Billionaire’s buying up mega-farms

It was a showdown in New Mexico earlier this year, as two billionaires, both from Fort Worth, Texas, battled it out to buy two enormous cattle ranches.

When the dust cleared, oil, gas and real-estate investor Bobby Patton, co-owner of … Read the rest

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Immigrants to flood America

The White House intended to remain silent about its plans for immigration. Revealing a scheme to open the floodgates of amnesty would be disastrous on the eve of the critical midterm elections. But this is the gang that can’t shoot … Read the rest

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Armed robbers on the loose

Footage clearly shows two black men walking up to the shop, where there are three staff and no customers, with criminal intent.

The armed robbery has gone viral on YouTube with more than 22 000 views, but no arrests have … Read the rest

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CIA report: Israel will fall in 20 years

A study conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has cast doubt over Israel’s survival beyond the next 20 years.

The CIA report predicts “an inexorable movement away from a two-state to a one-state solution, as the most viable model … Read the rest

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Russia loses an oil ally

Christophe de Margerie’s last act as chief executive officer of Total SA (FP) left no room for doubt about his feelings toward Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

In a Moscow speech hours before the plane crash that took his life two days … Read the rest

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How to start a war and lose an empire

By Dmitry Orlov

A year and a half I wrote an essay on how the US chooses to view Russia, titled The Image of the Enemy. I was living in Russia at the time, and, after observing the American anti-Russian … Read the rest