How the 1960s’ Riots Hurt African-Americans

South Africa is currently going through a period of intense social unrest, characterised by so-called “service-delivery protests”. It is estimated that last year 5% of the country’s black population participated in some form of protest action or rioting. The long-term … Read the rest

Terror of the gay dwarfish African incubus

by Dan Roodt

To most people outside South Africa in developed countries, our life here must seem bizarre. After all, nowhere in Europe or the United States would you drive your children to school and see that the country’s largest … Read the rest

Plastic Princess: Open Letter to Khanyi Mbau on the Publication of Her Memoirs

By Lin Sampson for the Sunday Times:

Let me be straight: two months ago I had never heard of you. But I like wild girls, girls who wallow in the swill of society, girls who make mistakes and are … Read the rest

Black-on-black murders in the USA rising, reports the Wall Street Journal

In this article, The Wall Street Journal looks at the rise in black-on-black crime in the United States. Whereas the media focus on killings of blacks by other races, such as in the Trayvon Martin case, the reality is that … Read the rest

How Canon Collins and friends smuggled £100,000,000 to South Africa

This article was writen by Denis Herbstein and published in the Observer Review on Sunday 5th May 1991. In it the author boasts of how the Anglican Church fomented revolution in South Africa by funding political trials and insurrection against Read the rest