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Polish nationalists rally againts immigration

Hundreds of nationalists from groups such as the All Polish Youth, National Radical Camp and Independence March Society rallied against refugees and migrants in Warsaw on Saturday.

They gathered on the main Old Town square, in front of the Royal … Read the rest

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Thousands of Spaniards march against immigration

Thousands of far-right protesters marched through Madrid on Saturday, demanding “social aid” for Spaniards and holding banners and placards reading “Spaniards Welcome,” a play on the “Refugees Welcome” movement currently organising across Europe.

About 10% of Spain’s 46 million people … Read the rest

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Edward Snowden joins Twitter

Fugitive US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden has opened an account on the social network website Twitter.

His opening tweet was: “Can you hear me now?”

In his profile, Mr Snowden says he “used to work for the government. Now I … Read the rest

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Hitachi case exposes fronting by ANC

South Africa has been fingered in the alleged “improper payments” originating from contracts that the ANC’s investment arm, Chancellor House, for work at the Medupi and Kusile power stations.

As a signatory of the OECD Convention which is aimed at … Read the rest


Facebook to help Merkel censor anti-migrant posts

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was caught discussing the censorship of anti-migrant posts at the United Nations development summit Saturday while speaking with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

According to CNBC, the pair were picked up by a hot mic after Merkel … Read the rest


No Brains In Washington

Washington’s IQ follows the Fed’s interest rate — it is negative. Washington is a black hole into which all sanity is sucked out of government deliberations.

Washington’s failures are everywhere visible. We can see the failures in Washington’s wars and … Read the rest

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NASA says Mars has liquid water

For the first time, NASA has confirmed the existence of liquid water on the surface of Mars, according to new research announced Monday. The finding stems from data and analysis by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) … Read the rest

This man was handcuffed to a tree and burnt alive in Saselani, Mpumalanga, last week.

Black residents butcher thugs

Chilling stories about enraged black kasi residents butchering thugs who terrorise them are increasing.

People sweep aside police pleas not to take the law into their own hands. Their answer to thuggery is death by panga, stoning and fire!

Daily … Read the rest