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Hong Kong democracy protests chaotic

Police repeatedly fired tear gas after tens of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators brought parts of central Hong Kong to a standstill Sunday in protest at Beijing’s refusal to grant the city unfettered democracy.

The rare chaotic scenes — in which … Read the rest

Zuma signed Russian nuclear deal

President Jacob Zuma personally negotiated with Russian President Vladimir Putin to have Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation build nuclear power stations worth R1-trillion in South Africa, the Mail and Guardian reported.

According to the report, President Zuma had started the … Read the rest


What a subject, you may say. Yes indeed.

The best minds on earth from Socrates to Solzhenitsyn have applied themselves to the question of truth. The Oxford Dictionary defines truth as « the quality or state of being true.» Not very … Read the rest

Afrikaners need ‘Devo Max’ too

Scotland wasted an opportunity to become fully independent of the UK, yet the resultant national debate and soul-searching during the referendum had lasting effects on both Scottish and British identity. I was struck by septuagenarian designer Vivienne Westwood’s declaration: “I … Read the rest

Six Tanzanians busted for heroin

Six Tanzanian nationals, five men and one woman, will be appearing in the Randburg Magistrates’ Court on 26 September in connection with a 19kg-heroin bust made by the Hawks special investigation unit in June.

The heroin was estimated to be … Read the rest

Enter the super-evil Khorasans

Obama is now – after the fact – scrambling to justify bombing the sovereign nation of Syria without the permission of either the Syrian government or even the United States Congress by saying that he was going after the super-evil … Read the rest

US Senate torture report vanishes

By Philip Giraldi

The crisis involving the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a Godsend to politicians, which is probably why the threat actually posed by the group is being hyped as it is while the White House … Read the rest