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Scotland rejects independence

Scotland has rejected independence in Friday’s referendum count, with declared local authority areas so far choosing by to stay within the U.K. by around 55%. The 307-year-strong union seems to have survived, although increased powers will be devolved to the … Read the rest

Iran’s leader suddenly takes ill

Though Iran has been broadcasting pictures and videos of top state officials and noted foreign dignitaries visiting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in the hospital, the health of the man who has held the most powerful post in the Islamic … Read the rest

German company to pay for MH17 info

Germany’s fraud investigation company Wifka is ready to pay $30 million for the information on those behind the shootdown of the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight in eastern Ukraine on July 17, the company said on its website on Wednesday.

The … Read the rest

Mistah Kurtz

In previous contributions to Praag, mention was made of the modern tendency to career helter skelter after all manner of doctrines and ideologies, mostly peddled by the fashionable media and their muftis, the “opinion formers”. In the paragraphs that follow … Read the rest

FiveEyes agencies break German laws

Treasure Map is anything but harmless entertainment. Rather, it is the mandate for a massive raid on the digital world. It aims to map the Internet, and not just the large traffic channels, such as telecommunications cables. It also seeks … Read the rest

Earthquake strikes Guam

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake was reported off the coast of Guam Wednesday, but no tsunami is expected due to the earthquake’s depth.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, the earthquake was located “too deep inside … Read the rest