USA’s ‘working class to be majority nonwhite by 2032’

As policymakers in the United States struggle to remedy socioeconomic factors like income inequality and the wealth gap, some evolutionary trends are taking place that will change the racial dynamic in America’s workforce.

In a new paper, EPI economist … Read the rest

US Supreme Court rejects appeal to claim ‘apartheid damages’ from Ford, IBM

The US Supreme Court on Monday rejected an appeal by a group of black South Africans seeking to revive human rights litigation aiming to hold Ford Motor Co and IBM Corp liable for allegedly conducting business that helped perpetuate racial … Read the rest

Cameron accuses Brexit supporters of ‘intolerance’

David Cameron has accused leave campaigners of stoking intolerance and division with extreme warnings on immigration, and said Britain will be seen as a more “narrow, insular and inward-looking” country if it votes to leave the EU.

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Ilana Mercer: Mateen was loud & proud about his orientation as aspiring Muslim terrorist

Democrats are frenetically trying to pass legislation that’ll make it impossible for anyone on the government’s terrorist list to legally purchase a firearm. Their renewed Brownian motion is due to the massacre, last Sunday, of 49 gay club-goers in Orlando, … Read the rest

Largest German bank says massive growth after Brexit

Germany’s largest bank has predicted British stocks will be the best performing in the continent and top UK firms will outperform EU rivals by as much as 5 per cent after a Brexit.

The forecast, from Germany’s Deutsche Bank, comes … Read the rest

Leftists resort to Alinksy’s farting plan to stop nomination

Cheri Honkala, head of Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, is organizing the world’s largest ‘fart-in’ to be held on July 28 at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center during Hillary Clinton’s anticipated Democratic nomination acceptance speech.

“We will be holding a … Read the rest

Pro-immigration leftists tear into whites to save Bremain

While Brexit is about sovereignty and restricting immigration, leftists are exploiting a tragic murder to rescue their crumbling “Bremain” campaign for Britain to remain in the EU.

The front page of the Daily Star conflated yesterday’s murder of Member of … Read the rest