‘Racist HP Lovecraft’s name should be dropped’ from World Fantasy awards

The board of the World Fantasy awards has said that it is “in discussion” about its winners’ statuette, modelled on the late HP Lovecraft, after calls for the trophy to be changed due to Lovecraft’s “fundamental racism”.

Over the past … Read the rest

Gabriel Garcia Marquez dies at age 87

MEXICO CITY — Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian author whose beguiling stories of love and longing brought Latin America to life for millions of readers and put magical realism on the literary map, died on Thursday. He was 87.

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Language discrimination fuels Ukrainian conflict

The deepening crisis in Ukraine involves not only issues of political sovereignty, European integration and Russian hegemony, but also language and its relationship to nationalism and ethnic identity. Immediately after the removal of President Viktor Yanukovych from power on Feb. … Read the rest

Black student ‘lynches’ 2 whites for art project

lynch1An African-American student at Sacramento State University is under fire for her recent work of art – which consisted of “lynching” two white men from a tree on the northern California campus.

The men were reportedly actors and were in … Read the rest

Oscar-entered movie hints at Brazil’s underlying racism

by Peter Debruge

Tucked among the 76 submissions competing for this year’s Oscar foreign-language prize is a film quite unlike any that has previously represented Brazil, whose cinematic output has been more directly associated with flashy, slum-set pics like “City … Read the rest

More than 500 world-famous authors sign anti-surveillance petition

More than 500 renowned authors – including five Nobel laureates – from across the globe have signed a petition demanding to end ‘mass surveillance’. It follows the revelations over the last few months of US’ and other countries’ spying.

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Mandela daughters at movie premiere: ‘The show must go on’

People attending the London premiere of a new film about Nelson Mandela were told of his death as the closing credits rolled, reported Associated Press.

Stopping the screening of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” was discussed, but Mandela’s … Read the rest

Czech artist gives Communists and Leftists the Finger

thefingerThe Czech artist David Cerny’s sculpture floats in the Vltava River and is aimed at the presidential residence, Prague Castle, in the background.

Mr. Cerny is not known for understatement or diplomacy after displaying a caricature of a former Czech … Read the rest

3 million Muslim pilgrims in Saudi Arabia for climax of Haj

Some 3 million Muslim pilgrims ascended Mount Arafat near Mecca in Saudi Arabia at the climax of the annual haj.

Authorities deployed around 100,000 security personnel to secure the pilgrims, the state-run Saudi Press Agency reported.

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Black rappers embrace twerking Miley Cyrus

by Mesfin Fekadu

While Miley Cyrus has a batch of critics, there is a group rallying behind her and praising her as a vital talent: rappers.

Pharrell produced several songs on Cyrus’ new album. She has been featured on the … Read the rest