Fluorspar for Li-ion-batteries

Scientists from the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) and Necsa fluorochemical subsidiary Pelchem have developed a lower-cost method to produce high-purity phosphorus pentafluoride (PF5), which is used to manufacture lithium hexafluorophosphate (LiPF6) – the electrolyte used in most lithium-ion … Read the rest

Blackberry Passport will launch in September

BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen at the company’s earnings report and annual meeting confirmed that the long-rumoured square-shaped ‘Windermere’ smartphone will be officially called BlackBerry Passport.
Chen showed off the yet-to-be-announced Passport which will launch in September at an event in … Read the rest

Amazon launches its ‘Fire’ smartphone

Amazon announced its first smartphone today, a bold move into a segment currently dominated by Apple and Samsung. At an event in Seattle, CEO Jeff Bezos unveiled the Fire Phone, a smartphone with a 4.7-in. 3-D display, a 2.2-GHz quadcore … Read the rest

Mind altering lasers makes fruit flies ‘sing and dance’

Scientists have created a thermogenetic tool that can alter a fly’s mind and make it sing and dance.

fruitfliesThe Fly Mind Altering Device, or FLyMAD, lets the researchers use heat from infrared lasers to activate genetically defined brain cell types … Read the rest

Facebook plans drones for Africa

facebookFacebook is in negotiations to buy a drone manufacturer with the aim of using high-altitude autonomous aircraft to beam internet connections to isolated communities in Africa.

The social networking company is one of the main backers of the internet.org project, … Read the rest

Meet the robot that makes 360 gourmet burgers per hour

smartburgerNo human hand touched this hamburger. It was made entirely by robots

The San Francisco-based robotics company debuted its burger-preparing machine last year. It can whip up hundreds of burgers an hour, take custom orders, and it uses top-shelf ingredients … Read the rest

Coming soon: Murder by mouse click

According to the US internet security industry, murder committed by hacking into an internet-connected device is a real possibility.

Internet Identity predicted murder by internet in a report last year, stating: “With so many devices being internet connected, it makes … Read the rest

Winamp to be discontinued on December 20, 2013

winampWinamp, once one of the most popular media players on the market, will be officially discontinued on December 20, 2013, due to yet to be disclosed reasons.

AOL announced the decision in a brief statement on the official Winamp.com website, … Read the rest