Racism ‘everywhere’


by Dan Roodt

With violence and anti-white racism rising in South Africa, Afrikaners need international support to survive. Our unique testimony of how a Western nation is being dominated by non-Westerners may just save the whole of our civilization!


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Quintessential liberal failures: Affirmative Action

Affirmative actionby Deon van Rensburg

In this series of opinion pieces I will attempt, and more often than not, succeed, in highlighting liberal failures. In the process I hope to shine a very bright light on the inherent hypocrisy associated with … Read the rest

Master and slave


by Albert Brenner

It is always so amusing to witness the blatant hypocrisy on display when (the) Slave becomes Master. The Enlightenment philosopher Friedrich Hegel`s masterful little piece, the Master-Slave dialectic, has been the fons et origo of all the … Read the rest

Pik Botha: ANC broke AA deal

The African National Congress has broken the affirmative action deal it reached with the National Party in 1994, apartheid era foreign minister Pik Botha reportedly said.

According to a Fin24 report Botha said that Affirmative Action in its current guise … Read the rest

Pieter Mulder asks for parliamentary debate on affirmative action

pieter_mulderDr. Pieter Mulder, leader of the Freedom Front Plus, yesterday asked for an urgent parliamentary debate on affirmative action to be held in Parliament.

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Most Americans support affirmative action

affirmativeactionPRINCETON, N.J. — Two-thirds of Americans think college applicants should be admitted based solely on merit, yet most approve of affirmative action, a Gallup poll indicates.

Twenty-eight percent of Americans think a college applicant’s race and ethnic background should be … Read the rest

A challenge to advocates of Affirmative Action


by Kevin King

A few months ago I read an article entitled “Some perspective for racist whites in SA” by Hanjo. If you haven’t yet read it please do so. In his letter, Hanjo basically says the following … Read the rest

Unusual delay in Supreme Court’s decision on Abigail Fisher and race-based admissions

Eight months after attorneys for Abigail Fisher argued in front of the Supreme Court that the University of Texas’ affirmative action admissions policy discriminates against white students, the justices still have not handed down their decision in the potentially paradigm-shifting … Read the rest

Key affirmative action case to be decided this month

The controversial issue of affirmative action will be decided this month by the US Supreme Court and will set a precedent in how colleges and universities accept students. It is not expected to have significant impact on the current admissions

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Do South African whites really ‘have it so good’?

by Dan Roodt

In today’s City Press newspaper, Frans Cronjé of the South African Institute of Race Relations claim that whites live in some kind of paradise.

He cites statistics claiming the following:

“Between 1994 and 2012, the rate

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Affirmative action about to be redefined?

The case for racial preferences in awarding places at US universities is no longer  about minorities held back by centuries of discrimination, says Simon Barber.

Rather, it is all about letting educators decide what will be best to prepare the … Read the rest

Racism worse for whites, study shows

The study polled roughly 200 white people and 200 black people drawn at random from a national census and asked them to rate racist attitudes against blacks and whites in each decade from 1950 to 2000.

Both groups felt racism

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Affirmative action challenge in US Supreme Court

The US Supreme Court is hearing arguments Wednesday on a case that could affect how universities across the United States consider race in their admissions.

The case, one of the most high-profile of the court’s agenda this year, pits Abigail … Read the rest

‘We don’t need a race box’

Abigail Fisher

Abigail Fisher is a slight young woman with strawberry blond hair, a smile that needs little prompting, a determined manner and a good academic record. She played soccer in high school, and she is an accomplished cellist.

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