PRAAG to oppose ‘Ebola-like outbreak of Boerehaat in South Africa’

PRAAG, the Pro-Afrikaans Action Group, is meeting this week to consider the options in what it described as the “Ebola-like outbreak of Boerehaat in South Africa”.

“We’ve had it,” said Dr. Dan Roodt, leader of PRAAG. “In the latest incident … Read the rest

Mandela: myths vs. facts

landman_christoby Christo Landman

The ceremonies and media propaganda around the death of Nelson Mandela, cost millions of rands.  Those rands were to a large extent paid by taxpayers of whom the large majority are white.  By means of social grants, … Read the rest

Advocate objects to Afrikaans testimony at Marikana hearing

afrikaans_grafikaSome families of deceased Marikana mineworkers were prejudiced at the Farlam Commission of Inquiry as they did not understand Afrikaans, a lawyer said on Friday.

Dumisa Ntsebeza SC, for the families, brought the complaint shortly after the inquiry resumed its … Read the rest

Black mob threatens school over its Afrikaans language medium

Heidelberg_ANCA mob chanting that they will burn the headmaster of an old and prestigious high school east of Johannesburg yesterday marched on the school, led by local politicians from the South African Communist Party and the ANC.

One of the … Read the rest

Jonathan Jansen backtracks on anti-Afrikaans statement

A careful argument on language in education has been distorted to create a media hype, Free State University rector Jonathan Jansen said on Wednesday.

“It still amazes me how a careful argument about language inclusivity can be seriously distorted for … Read the rest

Anti-racists are the new racists


by Dan Roodt

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South Africa’s multiracial and multicultural society is exploding into a never-ending Kulturkampf or American-style culture war. Anti-racists are the new racists, spreading intolerance and even violence ahead … Read the rest

‘Too few Afrikaans-speakers in dept. of trade and industry’

The under-representation of Afrikaans-speaking personnel in the department of trade and industry is unacceptable and the Freedom Front Plus will be asking the minister of trade and Industry, Mr. Rob Davies, to rectify the imbalance, Adv. Anton Alberts, the FF … Read the rest

Blacks impose English on coloured children of N. Cape

languageMr. Zolile Prusente is the curriculum specialist with the regional education department in Upington. Recently, he sent a complaint to the South African Human Rights Commission regarding a problematic shift in language policy in the past year.

He alleges that … Read the rest

Two Afrikaners on trial for bestiality in Pretoria

The Pretoria News reports that the case of a Pretoria East woman who allegedly had sex with two dogs is finally ready to go to trial next week, having been transferred to a court with an Afrikaans-speaking magistrate.

Smartly dressed … Read the rest

Prosecutor releases robbers because ‘she did not understand Afrikaans’

crime+robberyTwo men accused of being part of a gang of robbers were mistakenly released after a miscommunication in the National Prosecuting Authority’s (NPA) office, The Saturday Star reported.

The newspaper reported that a prosecutor misunderstood an instruction from a control … Read the rest

Soweto to welcome Obama, a ‘fellow African’

Barack Obama was barely 15 years old when riots erupted in the South African township of Soweto over a circular concerning the use of Afrikaans and other African languages in black schools. Decades later, its residents are preparing to welcome … Read the rest