The rise of nationalism in Britain

As the eurozone crisis continues, anti-establishment insurgencies like the Scottish National Party, SNP’s, are surfacing all over Europe: nationalist, populist, separatist, left or right.

As the British empire was gradually dissolved after the second world war and its industrial base … Read the rest

Britain’s secret history: The Irish Holocaust

The Great Famine of Ireland is widely believed to be due to a failed potato crop which led to starvation for two-fifths of the population between 1845-1852 – with around 1 million people dead and another million emigrating from Ireland … Read the rest

Boerehaat book on Man Booker list

The 10 finalists for a prestigious literary award were announced at the University of Cape Town yesterday.

Boerehaat author and British darling Marlene van Niekerk’s “uncompromising look” at poor Afrikaans communities has netted her a place in the finals of … Read the rest

US attacks London’s ‘constant accomodation’ of China

The Obama administration accused the UK of a “constant accommodation” of China after Britain decided to join a new China-led financial institution that could rival the World Bank.

The rare rebuke of one of the US’s closest allies came as … Read the rest

Britain warns it will expose Putin’s financial secrets

Britain may broadcast the financial secrets of Russia’s ruling elite as part of the information war against the Putin regime, the Foreign Secretary has indicated.

Philip Hammond said he was interested by the idea of publicising the wealth of the … Read the rest

France will not send military, arms to Kiev

France has no plans of sending military instructors or delivering equipment to Ukraine as opposed to Great Britain, French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Wednesday.

On Tuesday, British Prime Minister David Cameron announced that Britain would send instructors to Ukraine … Read the rest

NATO and Europe on diplomatic collision course

The fraught relationship between Russia and the West, which was supposed to improve following an agreement over Ukraine, has descended instead into renewed acrimony after a series of tense military and diplomatic confrontations.

France and Germany, which had brokered the … Read the rest

English football fans push black off train

A recent video shows a black man in Paris forcefully pushed off a subway train by rowdy British Chelsea fans headed for a match with Paris Saint-Germain. An investigation into their identities is underway.

“We’re racist, we’re racist and that’s … Read the rest

Zuma invites struggle heroes to very colonial affair

President Jacob Zuma met with special guests for a regal and lofty “high tea”, a British meal, ahead of Thursday’s state-of-the-nation address (Sona), the presidency said on Wednesday.

The choice of the meal highlighted South Africa’s return to the Commonwealth, … Read the rest