South African beaches more segregated than ever: claim

The South African Sunday Times has done a “snap survey” and found that “a quarter of a century after beach apartheid was scrapped, South Africa’s bathing spots are still mainly segregated”. The newspaper says that “most lovers still flock to … Read the rest

Gun-toting black kids hold up Swedish tourists

Four gun-toting black children held up 17 Swedish tourists in Khayelitsha, Cape Town.

The robbery occurred on Monday when the tourists were visiting the Iliso Care Society, which runs programmes including a project to address unemployment, a day-care centre and … Read the rest

Cape trains sabotaged by copper thieves

Cable theft at Cape Town station left countless commuters stranded on Friday morning after trains coming into the city were delayed for hours as the damage was repaired.

Frustrated passengers, stuck on stalled trains just outside the terminal, resorted to … Read the rest

Campaign to support Gaza launched outside Parliament

A coalition of grassroots activists have launched a daily picket campaign outside Parliament, to protest against events unfolding in Gaza.

The campaign is organised by the Action Forum in Support of Palestine, based in Cape Town, which has also run … Read the rest

Pagad warns SA police to take crime seriously

Residents of Mitchells Plain say they are fed up with the drug trade, gang rivalry and complicit cops.

Cape Town in the Western Cape has become a major crime hub.

People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (Pagad) said they will take … Read the rest

Boerehaat and South Africa’s Khmer Rouge 1

roodt_dan_wikiby Dan Roodt dan[at]

Few outsiders understand the ethnic dynamics of South Africa. Foreign journalists come here and imagine that we are some kind of remake of the USA, transposing American ethnic categories (and Hollywood movies) onto us. Of course, … Read the rest

Cape Town sadist prefers prison after raping and burning 9-year old girl

baby_rapeIn another of South Africa’s ongoing spate of sadistic crimes committed by blacks and mixed-race coloureds, a Cape Town man no longer wishes to apply for bail, fearing reprisals from the public and even fellow criminals. He is being accused … Read the rest