Former SA ambassador examines the land question

Paulo MndlovuJustice Piitso says the question of the ownership of the economy is the nerve centre of the struggles of the people

A revolution will remain incomplete without the resolution of the fundamental question of land ownership.

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‘Tintin in the Congo’ not racist, Belgian court rules

A Brussels court has rejected a legal bid to ban “Tintin in the Congo”, the second adventure of Belgian writer Hergé’s globe-trotting boy reporter. Black associations in the country claimed the book contained racist stereotypes.

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How Britain plundered the globe for 300 years

by George Monbiot of The Guardian

Opium, famine and banks all played their part in Britain’s plundering of the globe.

Why now? It’s not as if this is the first time Britain’s representatives have been caught out. The history of … Read the rest

PRAAG calls for civil disobedience after passing of language bill

For more than two hundred years the Afrikaans language has been attacked and marginalised in South Africa, either by the British colonial authorities or by the ANC regime. During the days of National Party rule, English was allowed to retain … Read the rest