Child’s mutilated body found

Five days after she went missing, 5-year-old Anovuyo Ndamase’s mutilated body was found wrapped in a plastic bag a stone’s throw from her Khayelitsha house.

Missing Children SA spokeswoman Nicky Rheeder confirmed that black children go unattended most of the … Read the rest

On Oscar Pistorius, singularity and libtards

Regarding convicted murderer Oscar Pistorius, almost everyone has had “an egg to lay”, as the Afrikaans expression goes. I purposefully tried to avoid his trial and its attendant hype, as it displayed once more the painful and colonial stupidity of … Read the rest

‘Sex with a white woman is nicer’, then he rapes her

As part of South Africa’s ongoing spate of black-on-white violence, a Pretoria court heard yesterday how a black house robber told a white Afrikaner woman: “You’re a rich, white bitch. Sex is nicer with a white woman.” Then he proceeded … Read the rest

Black rapist’s sentence reduced as his 11-year old victim seemed a ‘willing partner’

The life sentence of a man who repeatedly raped an 11-year-old girl he regarded as “a daughter” was reduced on appeal by the High Court in Pretoria because she seemed to be a willing partner, according to a report.

The … Read the rest

HIV-teacher charged with murder after raping children

A Johannesburg primary school teacher has been charged with attempted murder after the HIV-positive man allegedly raped two schoolboys.

The 44-year-old black teacher, who worked at Soweto’s Sediba-Thuto Primary school until he was fired in February, briefly appeared at the … Read the rest

Rape now almost as common in Sweden as in South Africa

As a result of immigration and government cover-ups, rape statistics in Sweden have shot through the roof. Sweden is the only industrial country that gets anywhere near South Africa, the so-called “rape capital of the world”.

According to international rape … Read the rest

Black man stabs, rapes young white virgin in Pretoria

In another incident in South Africa’s ongoing black-on-white violence, a 20-year old student from the University of Preotria was brutally stabbed and then raped by a black burglar, Samuel Tsietsi Msiza, 24, on 26 October 2011. The still virgin girl … Read the rest