Twelve killed in attack on French satirical magazine

Masked gunmen stormed the offices of a French satirical newspaper Wednesday, killing 11 people before escaping, police and a witness said. The weekly has previously drawn condemnation from Muslims.

French President Francois Hollande called the slayings a terrorist attack and … Read the rest

Eight children found stabbed in indigenous area of Australia

Eight children ranging from babies to teenagers were found dead at a home in the Australian city of Cairns on Friday, police said, reportedly in a gruesome mass stabbing that comes just days after a deadly siege in Sydney.

Cairns … Read the rest

Armed Sydney attacker hoists black Islamic flag

A police operation is underway at a café in central Sydney, where up to 40 hostages are being held by an armed attacker and a black flag with Arabic inscriptions can be seen. Australia is contributing to the US-led operation … Read the rest

‘Sex with a white woman is nicer’, then he rapes her

As part of South Africa’s ongoing spate of black-on-white violence, a Pretoria court heard yesterday how a black house robber told a white Afrikaner woman: “You’re a rich, white bitch. Sex is nicer with a white woman.” Then he proceeded … Read the rest

EU funds terror through ransom payments

European governments are funding Al-Qaeda by paying ransoms for hostage releases, New York Times investigative journalist and Pulitzer Prize Finalist Rukmini Callimachi claims.

“Kidnapping Europeans for ransom has become a global business for Al-Qaeda, bankrolling its operations across the globe,” … Read the rest

Will Canada extradite terror accused to France 33 years after the act?

Canadian Crown attorneys on Tuesday defended key handwriting evidence that led to a decision to extradite a Canadian university professor accused of a deadly 1980 bombing of a Paris synagogue.

Hassan Diab is appealing the 2011 court decision and the … Read the rest

Mandela death parties? No, but I’ll feel safe in the Wimpy

by Dan Roodt

When Margaret Thatcher died, British leftists and her Labour Party enemies threw “death parties” in a distasteful display of Schadenfreude. Whether Mandela will die today or live to be a hundred is irrelevant to my argument, as … Read the rest