New London deputy mayor aligned with ISIS sympathisers

London Mayor, Sadiq Kahn, appointed a new deputy “Integration” Mayor, Matthew Ryder (photo), but the new deputy mayor once spoke at an event run by a notorious group that defended ISIS.

Ryder says he wants to tame “anti-muslim rhetoric” and … Read the rest

EU’s leftist leaders are digging deeper into their hole

The cultural Marxists who run the EU are digging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole.

Leftist and “democrat” Martin Schulz, President of the EU Parliament, warned that further advances by the right-wing “populists” could spell disaster. A possible US … Read the rest

South Africa bans US pastor from the country for ‘homophobia’

Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba on Tuesday announced that controversial US pastor Steven Anderson will not be permitted to visit the country.

Gigaba announced his decision in Parliament after receiving two petitions opposing the intended visit from the lesbian‚ gay‚ … Read the rest

Coloured hijacker shoots only child in full view of her elderly mother

An elderly white woman could do nothing but watch as a coloured hijacker, dressed in a school uniform, drove off in her daughter’s car after she was shot in the back and left face down in the middle of the … Read the rest

Hillary’s health is no longer a ‘conspiracy theory’

All the sneering of the left and their media enablers over “conspiracy theories” about Hillary’s health can no longer contain the explosive issue of her physical fitness for office.

At a moment the nation’s eyes were focused on her and … Read the rest

Catalan separatists rally in Barcelona

Hundreds of thousands of separatist-minded Catalans rallied in Barcelona on Sunday to show their support for breaking away from Spain, leaving the country without its powerful and prosperous northeastern region.

Barcelona police estimated on their Twitter account that about 540,000 … Read the rest

Longest serving African dictator eats his enemies

The president of Equatorial Guinea may not be a household name – however those who have survived his brutal regime claim he is pure evil.

Teodoro Obiang Nguema, 74, has ruled over the country since 1979.

Known as “torturer-in-chief”, his … Read the rest

Hundreds of Africans from terror hotspots too, cross to US from Mexico

Hundreds of African asylum seekers have flooded Mexican border cities with the U.S. in an effort to get to California and Texas to obtain U.S. asylum — many of the unvetted migrants are from the terror hotbed of Somalia.

Rather … Read the rest

Robots don’t like dark skin

The first international beauty contest decided by an algorithm has sparked controversy after the results revealed one glaring factor linking the winners: White skin.

The first international beauty contest judged by “machines” was supposed to use objective factors such as … Read the rest

White Week fliers prompt black demonstrations

Fliers mocking “Welcome Black Week” with a “Welcome White Week” posted around the Northern Kentucky University campus this week have prompted demonstrations against racial intolerance on campus and an investigation by school officials.

The fliers advertise a number of events … Read the rest