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Russia stockpiles gold

Russia has taken advantage of lower gold prices to pack the vaults of its central bank with bullion as it prepares for the possibility of a long, drawn-out economic war with the West.

The latest research from the World Gold … Read the rest

BRICS to meet at G20

During his visit to Australia for the G20, Vladimir Putin is scheduled to hold a separate meeting with the leaders of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa), as well as a number of working contacts with other counterparts, … Read the rest

German business leaders abandoning Merkel

German chancellor, Angela Merkel, is under pressure from leading industrialists to roll back sanctions against Russia, as some of her backers switch their support to her party’s Eurosceptic rival, the Alternative for Germany (AfD).

Merkel’s aides say she has been … Read the rest

Trotsky, Red Terror a global threat

“Trotsky” might be the code word for understanding the nature of chaos in the Middle East and beyond. The 1917 October revolution in Russia shook the world spreading horror of “communist atrocities” and “red terror”. Now, almost a hundred years … Read the rest

White Widow reportedly killed in Ukraine

The ‘White Widow’, a British female terrorist suspect who allegedly fought alongside ISIS terrorists in Syria and was sought internationally has reportedly been shot dead in Ukraine. The news was reported by Russia’s Regnum news agency.

Samantha Lewthwaite, 30, was … Read the rest

Mistral mix-up continues

France hasn’t yet fixed a date for delivery of the first of two Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia (scheduled for November 14), the French defense minister said. If France doesn’t deliver due to US and NATO pressure, it will have … Read the rest

Apartheid for emoji characters

A new proposal drafted by the Unicode Consortium would introduce more “racial diversity”, apartheid actually, into the popular emoji characters used in messages on smartphones.

The proposal, edited by Google’s Mark Davis and Apple’s Peter Edberg, would bring skin tones, … Read the rest