Suspects of latest German axing and shooting on the run

At least one person has been injured in a stabbing and shooting attack in the German city of Cologne, police and the public prosecutor’s office said. Local media reported that two suspects are currently at large.

The incident took place … Read the rest

Corsicans fight back after North Africans attack tourist, locals

Riot police had be summoned after North Africans attacked locals on a beach in Corsica, apparently triggered by a tourist taking a photo’s of the surroundings.

The racial clash on the island took place on Saturday in a cove near … Read the rest

Anti-European Peter Sutherland, heir to the Duchess of Sutherland, Karl Marx

Much has been said about a man named Peter Sutherland. Sutherland is the United Nations Special Representative on migration, and he is an international businessman and former Attorney General of Ireland who has served in a variety of business and … Read the rest

AfD leader proposes off-shoring illegal immigrants

The leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party known for its anti-immigrant stance has proposed deporting illegal immigrants and rejected asylum seekers to islands outside Europe. It comes as the German chancellor is trying to make businesses hire … Read the rest

Whites targeted in prison operation ‘Black August’

White cops and correction officers are being targeted for death by a black prison gang in what’s being called “Black August,” according to a chilling security bulletin obtained by The Post.

The bulletin was issued by the FBI’s National Gang … Read the rest

BLM violence in Milwaukee directed against whites, not police

At least one person was wounded after shots were fired and black BLM protesters threw objects at police in Milwaukee late Sunday night, a day after violence erupted overnight in the wake of the fatal shooting of a black man … Read the rest

Attorney found dead after filing lawsuit against Clinton election rigging

Friends of Shawn Lucas, the attorney who was found unconscious on his bathroom floor after serving the DNC with a lawsuit, are reportedly “freaked out” by the strange circumstances surrounding his death.

Lucas appeared in a video in which he … Read the rest

American coloured students who refuse to live with whites

A group of students at the Claremont Colleges in search of a roommate insist that the roommate not be white.

The colleges are an American consortium of five undergraduate and two graduate schools of higher education located in Claremont, California.… Read the rest

Foul-mouthed British judge jails white man for racism

A judge delivered an expletive-ridden response to a white man who spoke his mind to a black Caribbean mother.

John Hennigan, 50, was handed an 18 month prison sentence after using racist language towards a black woman and her two … Read the rest