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‘I am Muhammad, not Charlie’

Blasphemy and vulgarity must stop was the message from religious leaders at Athlone Stadium, where thousands of Muslims gathered to celebrate the life of Prophet Muhammad.

Dressed in white, young and old, male and female bowed their heads on Sunday … Read the rest

The alchemism of modern physics

In his international bestseller, A brief history of time, the most famous physicist of our time, Stephen Hawking, stated that the last/final matryoshka doll in the field of Physics has been unpacked – Planck’s Constant. With this accomplished, he … Read the rest

Rising anti-Semitism in Britain

Nearly half of Britons hold anti-Semitic views, a survey has revealed. It also found that one in eight Brits surveyed (13 percent) thought Jews used talking about the Holocaust to get sympathy.

A YouGov poll asked 3,411 UK adults about … Read the rest

China implements significant policy shift

China has understood Washington’s geopolitical game.

The year 2015 might thus be one of the most decisive and interesting in modern history with China implementing a policy decision that will transform the world over the next decade.

On November 29, … Read the rest