The strange transformation of Mandela’s prison cell

Nelson Mandela’s old prison cell on Robben island has undergone a strange transformation.

Photos from the Johannesburg archives show a cosy cell with furniture and books and above all, a bed and mattress.

On many later visits by Mandela to … Read the rest

ANC statement on the passing of Comrade Nelson Mandela

ancIssued by: ANC



Secretary General’s Office

 Comrades and friends,

The Mandela family,

Fellow South Africans,

 “In the life of every nation, there arise men who leave an indelible … Read the rest

Mandela daughters at movie premiere: ‘The show must go on’

People attending the London premiere of a new film about Nelson Mandela were told of his death as the closing credits rolled, reported Associated Press.

Stopping the screening of “Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom” was discussed, but Mandela’s … Read the rest

Boeremag show trial exposes South African legitimation crisis


by Dan Roodt

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The exceedingly harsh sentences handed down by Judge Eben Jordaan in the Boeremag trial have had a mixed reception in South Africa. On the one hand, members … Read the rest

Mandela portrayed as Jesus in London painting


A portrait of Nelson Mandela by British artist Richard Stone and a portrayal of him playing the role of Jesus at the Last Supper are some of the works on display in London’s “We Love Mandela” exhibition.

Some 22 … Read the rest

Beware the Black Borg!

Borg Art  Pic

by Albert Brenner

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The greatest bogeyman ever conjured up in order to keep rebellious white South Africans in line, comes in the form of an amorphous, same-thinking, same-feeling, black entity. This all-dominant Jungian (archetypal) mass … Read the rest

FW’s Folly, a cautionary tale

Cartoon_ZAPIRO_FW_De_Klerk_speaks_with_a_forked_Tongueby Gustav Venter

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FW de Klerk, pink peeling face bloated as if by cortisone, funereal smile stretched under dull eyes, his political ideas as obsolete as a typewriter, his opinion blighted by the ridicule of … Read the rest

Did Mandela’s friend supply chemical weapons to Syrian rebels?

by Terry Crawford-Browne

REPORTS from Syria by Jordanian journalists allege that it was Prince Bandar bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia who distributed those chemical weapons to the Syrian rebels.( Here he is shown with that other unrepentant terrorist)

If … Read the rest

Source of Mandela ‘death reports’ revealed

A source of reports claiming that Nelson Mandela has died is a financial manager from Joburg, who describes herself as “proudly South African” and “about to make her mark on the writing scene”.

Laura Oneale, a mother of three, is … Read the rest